Flight Skills

Speed To Fly Basics

Do you feel the need for speed? Perhaps you should. Or maybe you ought to rein it in a little? Speed to fly is all about applying the appropriate speed to achieve your flying objective in the current conditions. In this article we'll take you through the general principles so you can make a clear and simple choice.

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Wingtips: Strong wind launching

Wind strong on launch? Try running at the wing. Not just allowing the wing to drag you back (which is inevitable); the trick is to run before the wing yanks you. It does this at 45 degrees as it bites into the wind. Your running speed reduces the relative wind affecting the wing, giving you more time to react and reducing the control input necessary. 

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Paraglider Control: Stall, Spin, Collapse!

Sometimes, things can get out of control. This is often due to pilot input, which is an avoidable mistake. Sometimes you've just forgotten what to do. So in this article we cover the most common scenarios to prepare you for your next flight with some skills you can use when things get wild.

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Making the most of sea thermals

Thermals over the sea? How can it be? UK winter flying can be surprisingly good. We explain how to identify a good day for sea thermals, where to look for them, and what to do with them once you find them.

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