Advance Alpha 6 Review

The Advance Alpha 5 was an outstanding first wing that took beginners well beyond the school environment.

The updated design boasts less weight, fewer lines and doubel 3D shaping at the leading edge that is bound to give it more performance.

The Alpha 6 also promises 'air scoop technology' that increases the stall resistance when flying slowly.

With all these improvements, is it still suitable for training? Does it meet the needs of adventurous beginners and recreational pilots?

Carlo Borsattino investigates >

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Flybubble News February 2016

Snowy peaks, desert adventures, pro tips and great gear in our free flying news.

In this month's edition:

  • Advance Dealers' Meeting

  • Flying stories

  • How to get into a pod harness

  • Launching from thorn scrub

  • Flying far in mountain terrain

  • Oudie 4 and Oudie 4 Basic

  • Great new gear

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Advance Easiness 2

Very straightforward, double the comfort - and light.

This EASINESS 2 light reversible harness with no seatboard literally sparkles with many new features.

A range of two sizes will suit every individual, wider shoulder straps and longer legpads ensure even more comfort, and a removable airbag with built-in reserve compartment guarantee maximal safety.

The rucksack mode is not just ultra-comfortable to carry, but serves as a genuine mountain backpack, fitted with removable waist strap, helmet net, pole and ice axe holders.

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Sup’Air Radical 3

Particularly suited for solo mountain flying, the Radical 3 is also compatible for tandem use, ground handling, dynamic ridge and thermal soaring.

It's only 830g in the S-M size and has easy handling characteristics.

The Radical 3 transforms into a fully reversible full airbag harness/backpack with the optional reversible airbag/backpack back protector module.

Adding an optional front mounted emergency reserve parachute container, attached to the shoulder reserve bridle connections, further enhances passive safety, allowing thermal mountain flying with peace of mind.

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British Paragliding Racing Academy

Something very new and exciting is about to happen in the UK competition scene: the British Paragliding Racing Academy!

It is supported by the BHPA and aims to enlist and train future world class paraglider pilots whilst helping the existing team pilots.

The BPRA are creating a program of learning and experiences in and around Europe to develop the skills necessary to win paragliding competitions.

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Advance International Dealers’ Meeting

Nancy and Carlo from Flybubble were invited to attend the Advance dealer meeting held on 27 and 28 January 2016 in the small, snow covered village of Murren.

60 dealers and importers from around the world attended. A lot was crammed into the two days, including several workshops and some flying time to try out the new Advance wings.

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Syride instruments now all V3

First the SYS'One, then the SYS'Nav were upgraded to V3 some time ago; now the SYS'Alti and SYS'GPS have been too.

Each V3 instrument comes with a longer battery life than the previous versions, and different colour sides to distinguish them easily. The battery life of the SYS'Alti V3 has increased from 100 to more than 200 hours. The battery life of the SYS'GPS V3 has increased from 20 to 40 hours.

See the whole Syride range > 

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Companion SQR hybrid reserve

The hybrid SQR is the first product from Companion. It merges the advantages of the classic round canopy and the modern square. The extensive development process included computer simulations and practical tests resulting in a reserve with improved opening behaviour and enhanced pendulum stability. Unlike most square designs, the Companion SQR is not trimmed to glide in flight. The standard Companion SQR is one of the lightest reserve parachutes on the market. An ultra-light version is under development.

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Getting Into A Pod Harness

Pod harnesses offer many advantages, but some pilots struggle with getting into the speedbag. We consider the common problems and some simple solutions.

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