Nova PHANTOM demo in stock

The Nova PHANTOM (EN B) is a unique wing. It’s the only paraglider we have that straddles three classes: Progression Class (accessible to low-airtime pilots upgrading from their first wing, due to low piloting demands), XC Class (for those wanting to focus on cross country flying) and Performance Class (wings generally requiring highly experienced pilots with advanced skills to handle the energy that usually comes with high performance designs). Want to see what all the fuss is about? Need a real test? We have a demo S (80-100kg) for our customers to trial before making the big decision to buy the Nova PHANTOM

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Freeflight: Levitate!

Flying can be a brief escape from a busy life crammed with other responsibilities. Finding the time to fly is part of the challenge, but you’ll be richly rewarded. Don’t wait, levitate!

Ozone FREERIDE (Paramotor Wing)

The Ozone FREERIDE is a fun and efficient high performance paramotor wing offering efficiency, precision, maneuverability, speed, stability, comfort, and maximum fun! It is designed for experienced and advanced PPG pilots who are seeking a competition wing with more dynamic characteristics than the Speedster 2, whilst being less demanding and more accessible than the Viper 4. 

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Skywalk CHILI4 (Paraglider Review)

The Flybubble crew have now flown Skywalk's new high-end EN B wing, the CHILI4, a good amount in a variety of conditions. Carlo was charged with getting to know the CHILI4 intimately and then publish his findings. After numerous flights, lots of ground handling, and much poking and prodding, here they are.

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Freeflight: Defining view

Let the view define you. It’s easy to become too concerned with details and forget that when flying, you are in the presence of an amazing view … and that you’re part of it.

Sup’Air TASKA (EN C) now available

The TASKA sounds very interesting - a great recipe for XC mile munching! 67 cells, only 4.5 kg for the M size, aspect ratio 6.35, middle C accessibility with top performance, exemplary handling, efficient riser steering system and only the best materials. Says Sup'Air: "More flight hours, more kilometres, more fun… this is the aim of the Taska (EN C), designed for cross-country pilots. The Taska offers a combination of in-flight comfort and performance on a par with the best." Available to order from Flybubble. We're getting in demos in sizes S and M (and can arrange demos of other sizes). Find out more about the Sup'Air TASKA

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