The future of the CONNECT 1

Flytec products were recently acquired by Naviter: most devices are in stock and development continues. The Connect 1 instrument is not part of the acquisition. It has received one last software upgrade, but further developments will be done in the developer's own time. Connect 1 pilots who don't want to wait for the development to be completed can upgrade to a heavily discounted Oudie 4 provided by Naviter.

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Flybubble News November 2016

In this edition: we applaud the new paragliding world record, explore distance flying on a hang glider, show how our buying service works, hear about the free flight physiology project, and check out wings and flying gear.

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Advance ALPHA 6 and EPSILON 8 Motor

Both the ALPHA 6 and EPSILON 8 now have DGAC paramotor certification! Thanks to their good take-off behaviour, high stability and compact shape the ALPHA 6 (EN B) and EPSILON 8 (EN B) are especially suitable for flying with a motor. Optional hybrid-risers can be ordered instead of the standard freeflight risers, which offer a choice of hang point heights and have trimmers for adjusting the flying speed, as well as to counteract the turning moments of the motor and propeller.

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SAFETY NOTICE: Ozone Forza Harness

Concerning the first production Forza harnesses manufactured in 2015 with the serial numbers: Forza-(size)-Q-31A-(???) to Forza-(size)-Q-49E-(???). There have been several cases of a reserve loop failure on the Forza harness. In all cases, one of the loops holding the reserve pin failed completely. There have also been some reported failures of loops that had previously passed the safety notice checks at 15kgs.

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Hang-gliding Until The Mountains End

Last year, Dale Lippstreu flew 268km in South Africa on his ATOS (Class 5 rigid wing hang glider).

Although longer flights are often achieved across the South African interior, this is an exceptional flight for the mountainous region of the Western Cape, where the technical challenges usually end flights well before 200km.

Dale shares some insight into achieving this flight.

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How We Do What We Do

Not sure what Flybubble does differently? Join us as we follow a customer through his recent experience with us while searching for new flying gear.

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The Free Flight Physiology Project

Dr Matt Wilkes told us about a very interesting research project he's leading. 

The Free Flight Physiology Project aims to understand what happens to our bodies when we fly.

The first phase of the research was completed in Pakistan, with Tom de Dorlodot reaching heights of 7450m. 

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Flybubble News October 2016

In this edition: we get the goods on Coupe Icare, consider light wind freedom, chill out in a cloud (brr), consider landing area conflicts and hang out in a harness that almost isn't there.

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Coupe Icare 2016: Freeflight Equipment

News from the freeflight equipment show: the Coupe Icare is the biggest festival of the international paragliding community.

The exhibition is held in St. Hilaire du Touvet in France.

Carlo Borsattino found out what is new in the world of freeflight manufacturing.

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