Coming soon: Advance SIGMA 10

Advance SIGMA 10. This new cross country wing is the result of an exhaustive development process. A fresh technical environment was set up to completely free it from the previous model. The performance increase is said to be mind-blowing. “Pure flying fun is guaranteed.” First deliveries end of April. 

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Coming soon: Nova MENTOR 5

For many years the MENTOR has been setting the standard for XC-intermediate wings. It combines impressive performance with a high degree of passive safety and it encourages you to exceed your boundaries. Using strength analysis optimisation and flow simulation, Nova have elevated the MENTOR 5 to a new performance level. Sizes XS, S, M and L sizes have been certified as EN/LTF B.

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Freeflight: Byeways and Skyways

Paragliding over the South Downs. England’s countryside is covered by a network of public access walking paths, leading to many hidden sights. Sometimes, the sky promises more.

Companion SQR 220 (tandem reserve parachute)

Companion revealed the SQR 220 tandem reserve, ​adding a fourth size to the SQR range. With an unrivalled weight of only 2.37 kg for ​​61.9 m2 the SQR 220 sets a new standard for tandem reserves​, despite being made of robust regular materials.​​

SQR stands for Square Round, a fusion of round and cross canopies.

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Catching the Drift: Thermals and Wind

Holding on to a drifting thermal can be very challenging, but improving this skill can yield exponential gains in airtime. Due to their buoyancy, thermals want to rise straight up. At some point the prevailing wind will overcome this inertia and tilt the thermal column. The winds at different altitudes can vary in direction and strength. The thermals therefore follow a wandering tilted trajectory as they rise, which can be difficult to map in three dimensions.

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Wingtips: Thermaling With Others

When thermaling with others, try to follow behind pilots not to the inside of their turn. Rather slow down or widen your turn until they are on the opposite side of the thermal, so you can both help each other with maximising your climb rate. Read more
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