Acrobatics: The Definitive Guide to Paragliding Acro

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If you’ve any interest in the art of paraglider acro, you need a copy of ‘Acrobatics’ in your life.

This is a ground-breaking book. Written, photographed and produced by Gudrun Öchsl, Mike Küng, Alexander Meschuh and Michael Nesler, ‘Acrobatics’ is a 156 page visual extravaganza that tackles acro instruction head on.

Colourfully designed with inspirational images, Acrobatics gives you clear and concise instructions and takes you step-by-step through each manoeuvre using both written descriptions and motor driven photo sequences.

Starting with the basics like Wing-Overs and Full Stalls, the book progresses through every conceivable manoeuvre to the most difficult configurations like the MacTwist and Infinite Tumble. Once you’ve mastered those (!) you can move on to the sections on transitions – Helico to SAT, MacTwist to Helico etc. Theoretically, by the time you’ve finished Acrobatics you should have all the information you need to take the Rodriguez brothers on head-to-head at an acro comp - provided that is you’re an acro genius too. Acrobatics even discusses topics like training plans, sources of error, psychology, D-Bagging and your legal position as an acro pilot.

Acrobatics is a must for all budding acro pilots and anyone serious about understanding this exciting offshoot of free flight. That said should find a place on almost every pilot’s coffee table, if only so they can pass it round to visitors and say, “you want to see what they do with these things nowadays!”

Acrobatics covers the following manoeuvres in detail:

  • Full Stall
  • Full Front collapse
  • Spiral Dive
  • Wing Overs
  • Spin
  • 180 degree Backflash
  • Back Flying
  • Deep Stall
  • SAT
  • Asymmetric Spiral
  • Looping
  • Spin to Helico
  • MacTwist
  • Misty Flip
  • Helicopter
  • Tumbling
  • SAT to Helico
  • Helico to Helico
  • Heilco to SAT
  • MacTwist to Helico
  • SAT to SAT
  • Rhythmic SAT
  • Infinite Tumbling
  • Syncronised Acro
  • Synroc Spiral
  • SAT-Rodeo
  • Helico-Rodeo

Acrobatics: The Authors

Mike Küng is an internationally renowned professional acro pilot. He was one of the first acro pilots ever and his spectacular shows have attracted media attention from outside the paragliding scene. His vast experience as a paraglider test pilot, sky diver and helicopter jump expert made him the perfect choice to fly difficult manoeuvres a couple of metres away from Gudrun, the photographer, flying in a tandem beside him. Breathtaking photo sequences are the result. Not only do they allow the reader to analyse each movement, but they get your adrenaline flowing from just looking at them.

Alexander Meschuh was the perfect choice to write the descriptions of the manoeuvres,I the best way to understand, practice and perfect each manoeuvre. He is well known in the scene for his successes in international acrobatic competitions and for his articles on flight techniques in the German language special interest magazine: Gleitschirm-Magazin. He has been significantly involved in the development of specialised acro paragliders in the last couple of years. Sharing his experience in the ultimate acrobatic discipline, synchronised acrobatics, he reveals many tips for acro beginners, which will hopefully save them from unpleasant surprises.

Michael Nesler is famous as a designer, flight instructor and author of many books. For a long time he has held exclusive acro courses at Lake Garda in Italy. He has mastered most of the manoeuvres himself. Michael is responsible for the text and for the photo sequences from a pilot’s viewpoint. Divulging previously unknown insider knowledge about materials he imparts personal experience from his training courses, as a competition supervisor and from his time as an active acro pilot.

Gudrun Öchsl, an acro and test pilot for “small sizes” (S and XS), spent most of her time with Michael in a tandem working as the photographer. She flew some manoeuvres for the camera herself, especially those manoeuvres that required a more sensitive touch. Gudrun reveals important tips for lightweight pilots. Gudrun also checked every manoeuvre’s description by flying them following the directions given, to the letter. Her spectacular photo sequences and ingenious design ideas will amaze the reader again and again. Design ideas are consistent throughout the book and certainly set a standard for interesting layout.

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Paperback: 156 pages

Publisher: Professional Flying Team; 1st edition (2008)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 3940988014

ISBN-13: 978-3940988010


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GTIN 978-3940988010
Condition New
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