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Good condition. Good porosity. Images for Illustration purposes only. See service report (see images) for further details on condition and any repairs.

  • Make: Advance
  • Model: BIBETA 2
  • Size: 40
  • Serial number: 26138
  • Colour: Gold-Red
  • Airtime: 100 hours
  • Certification: LTF 1-2, AFNOR Biplace
  • Freeflight all-up weight range: 125-220 Kg
  • Manufacture date: 01/06/2000
  • Service Info: The Loft Workshop on 28/04/2018
  • Package includes: Glider only, Service report (see images).

Advance BIBETA 2

The new BI BETA 2 keeps the good points of the BI BETA while improving the balance, performance, pleasure and ease. Tested for more than 1 year in all flying conditions, its level of performance, precision and efficiency are those of a performance solo glider.

The balance and precision of the BI BETA 2 is something you will shortly take for granted. It is a sporty glider givingpleasure to both pilot and passenger. Our Australian importer Godfrey WENNESS and passenger Suzi SMITH will certainly not contradict us, because despite the fact it is not a «race glider»,they flew the worlds longest tandem distance in a BI BETA 2 (223 km flown on the 11 January 2000 from Mt Borah). The cross country flying conditions encountered during this flight werean excellent test of the gliders behavioural characteristics. The level of performance of the BIBETA 2 will quickly make it the reference in the Biplace category.

The BI BETA 2 is very easy at take-off and landing, that is something essential for a tandemglider, but the best points are its quality of the turn, precision and flying pleasure same asa solo glider. The BI BETA 2 is usable for the educational flights in a school as well as forprofessional tandem pilots and leasure pilots. It is for a large number of pilots, butbecause of the responsibility when flying tandem, it is not a glider for beginners oroccasional pilots.


The BI BETA 2 is a new and original glider, which has no feature in common withany solo model from our range. Its construction, its profile and suspension layout areentirely new.

The leading edge of the profile is reinforced with Mylar, which improves its stiffnessand reduces deformations, tension being considerable at this point. To maintain an exact profile, each cell receives a line, except 6 of them that have a diagonal reinforcement. The cell width gets smaller as you go from the centre to the wing tip (the last four being closed off) giving a beautifully clean aerodynamic shape. The three-level suspension lines have been optimized to reduce drag and make it easier to untangle, without compromising safety: there are 3 A lines, 3 B + stabilo, 3 C lines and 2 D lines. This stabilizes pendulum motion effectively, with no adverse effect on manoeuvrability. Control action is fully coherent, with no lag between the pilot’s movements and those of the glider. The A risers have an ingenious system to make big ears very easely.

A compression strap is sewn between each profile/line attachment point, on the D lines. Thus the space between each cell remains the same, whether the wing is braked or not, making turning performance uniform and consistent. There are also some compression straps between some A, B and C lines, between the profiles which receive lines not linked to the same main line. The turn performance and coordination of the wing are clearly improved and reach new levels for a biplace wing.

As usual with ADVANCE gliders, the smallest details were important to us, to give the BIBETA 2 a high class finish :

  • all of the sewing and stitching is internal. This gives us our smooth perfect finish.
  • the leading and trailing edges are reinforced with a Mylar tape to increase rigidity and to make them less sensitive to the high tension they are subjected to.
  • the winglets on the wing tips are important aerodynamic elements, improving turn precision and diminishing the wing tip turbulence (vortex effect), and also an ADVANCE signature.
  • the lines and risers remain in correct position in the quick links thanks to a well designed plastic clip.
  • the braking is optimized thanks to a system with rings that acts on the wing tip first.
  • the brake handles receive a reinforcement that makes them easy to take and comfortable. They are attached on the risers with a magnetic snaplock.


Surface flat - m 40.1
Projected surface - m2 34.9
Span - m  13.9
Projected span - m  11.36
Aspect ratio  4.82
Projected aspect ratio  3.7
Max chord - m  3.57
Min chord - m  0.8
Nø of cells  47
Total flying weight - kg (pilot + wing + kit)   125/220
Weight of the wing - kg  9.2
Max length of lines with risers - m  8.79

Surface, span and aspect ratio are calculated from the computer and are measured on the axis of the profile.


The BIBETA 2, like all ADVANCE products, is produced as the result of the latest developments and experience in the sport. All the materials used for the paraglider have been carefully selected in order to allow our products an excellent longevity. The materials are systematically tested and all canopies undergo quality control testing. The life of a wing may vary in big proportion according to the care given to the utilisation and maintenance.

  • Upper and lower surfaces, cell ribs: Nylon Porcher Marine New Skytex 6.6, 44 gr/m2
  • Reinforcement of the leading edge and trailing edge: Polyester/Mylar 30 mm
  • Reinforcement of the leading edge lower surface: Polyamid 16 mm
  • Suspension lines: Betech Dyneema + Technora, sheathed Polyester:
    • 0,95 mm (70 kg) / 1,20 mm (110 kg) / 1,3 mm (140 kg)
    • 1,55 mm (190 kg) / 1,85 mm (275 kg) / 2,2 mm (380 kg)
  • Risers: Polyester 28 mm-1500 kg
  • Quick links: Inox 4 mm-1000 kg
  • Stiching thread: Polyester

Download manual  and line plan from manufacturer's website. 

Additional Information

Condition Used
LTF Certification LTF 1-2
AFNOR Certification AFNOR Biplace

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