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The COMPRESSBAG TUBE combines the advantages of a concertina bag with those of a COMPRESSBAG.

Cell on cell packing remains simple, and profile shape and glider life is likewise protected. After closing and folding the Tube the volume is compressed by a long zip. The result: a neatly stowed glider – with a smaller volume than when packed in a regular inner bag.


Flexible rings with EASY CONNECT - For securing the risers

When the COMPRESSBAG TUBE is spread out and the glider laid on top, while the pilot still has the harness lying on the ground, the risers can be transferred directly from the carabiners to the EASY CONNECT rings; so that they can be similarly reconnected to the carabiners before the next flight. Caution: this needs a disciplined routine! We strongly advise less experienced pilots not to do this.

Netting fabric

For ventilation when uncompressed

Neoprene openings top and bottom

For connected risers. The pilot can choose whether the lines leave at the trailing edge or emerge over the leading edge.

All the way round zip

Gentle compression - Anti-snagging slider on the long zip.

Practical carrying handle

Easy to pick up and carry

Window pocket

For your name or glider ticket

Anti Snagging Slider

Does not catch paraglider fabric or lines while zipping up

Technical Data

Size 260 cm 300 cm
Lengths 260 cm 300 cm
Weight 516 gm 590 gm

Size Chart


**Flybubble note: Like the Advance Tubebag, the Advance COMPRESSBAG TUBE has been designed for pilots who prefer to detach the wing from the harness when packing. It is possible to keep the wing attached to the harness but this means zipping up the bag 'the wrong way' i.e. from leading edge to trailing edge.


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Shipping DetailsWhen in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model StatusCurrent model