Advance Foot Stirrup with Speed System AXESS 3/4, SUCCESS 3/4 & PROGRESS 3


Product code: ADVNC-AC100155

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Foot stirrup with speed system, designed for the Advance AXESS 3 AIR, AXESS 4, SUCCESS 3, SUCCESS 4 and PROGRESS 3 harnesses.

This foot stirrup has been designed to fit the following ADVANCE harnesses:

  • Advance AXESS 3 AIR
  • Advance AXESS 4
  • Advance SUCCESS 3
  • Advance SUCCESS 4
  • Advance PROGRESS 3

This foot stirrup is included in the LTF 91/09 certification of these Advance harnesses.

The foot stirrup comes in one size to fit all sizes of compatible harnesses. It is adjustable, to fit most sizes of pilot.

A compatible speed system is supplied with the stirrup. ADVANCE recommends that this speed system is used when the foot stirrup is fitted.

For fitting instructions, see the harness user manual.

NB: This foot stirrup has only been designed to fit the above Advance harnesses; no others.

Additional Information

Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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