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Light and compact yet fully-fledged, PI BI is the perfect tandem wing for Hike & Fly with friends and family. Weighing only 4.8 kg, with a weight range from 100 to 180 kg, this ADVANCE light tandem merges the best qualities of the PI and BIBETA 6.

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PI BI - Family Affair

Special: It’s not just the weight and volume; even the handling and agility of the light tandem remind one of a solo wing. The PI BI has three risers and trims, like the BIBETA 6, and is fitted with robust Edelrid Aramid lines. PI BI – dynamic flying fun for two.

Despite its low weight and very small packed volume, similar to a solo wing, the PI BI is a fully-capable tandem wing with effective trims which give it a large speed range. This is made possible by a very compact build method and minimalist inner life. As well as the tandem certification the PI BI is also approved for solo flying.


Light Spreaders

The PI BI is delivered with a pair of light spreaders with reserve connection lines (180 gm) and two FORAS carabiners (102 gm) as well as a COMPRESSBAG Light (150 gm).

Light Risers

The PI BI three level risers are weight optimised and weigh only 345 gm. They connect via Softlinks and are fitted with Low Friction brake rings.

Technical Data

Flat surface (m2) 37.2
Projected surface (m2) 31.8
Recommended takeoff weight (kg) 100 - 180
Glider weight (kg) 4.8
Span (m) 14.2
Projected span (m) 11.4
Aspect ratio 5.4
Projected aspect ratio 4.1
Number of cells 53
Number of risers 3+1
Certification EN / LTF B
Trimmers YES / 8cm


Standard colours: White (Orage-White-Pacific)

Suitable harnesses

The BI PRO 3 pilot harness goes especially well with the EASINESS 2 reversible harness for the passenger. The PI BI was tested and set up with it.


Depending on how light and small a complete package is desired, the PI BI can be combined with various rucksack sizes.

ADVANCE recommend the following setups:

  • COMFORTPACK 3, 115 ltr: PI BI + BI PRO 3 incl. protector + standard passenger harness
  • COMFORTPACK 3, 100 ltr or LIGHTPACK 2, 90 ltr: PI BI + BI PRO 3 without protector + standard passenger harness
  • EASINESS 2 rucksack* and PIPACK 2*: PI BI + BI PRO 3 without protector + EASINESS 2 for passenger
  • PIPACK 2: PI BI + STRAPLESS BI + STRAPLESS for passenger



Additional Information

Condition New
EN Certification EN B
LTF Certification LTF B
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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