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Excellent condition. Small Flybubble logo on wing.

  • Make: Advance
  • Model: SIGMA 10
  • Certification: EN C, LTF C
  • Size: 25
  • Colour: Pacific
  • Freeflight certified all-up weight range: 80-100 Kg
  • Freeflight ideal all-up weight range: 85-97 Kg
  • Manufacture date: 04/2017
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Porosity: Excellent
  • No damage or repairs
  • Airtime: 20 hours
  • Service Info: Not serviced due to age, use and condition.
  • Includes: Rucksack, Inner bag, Compression strap.

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Advance SIGMA 10 (general info)

The SIGMA 10 continues the story of the legendary SIGMA series, offering the best starting point for epic cross country experiences.

Technical data

SIGMA 102123252729
Flat surface m2 21 22.9 24.5 26.4 28.4
Projected surface m2 18 19.6 21 22.6 24.3
Ideal weight range kg 65 - 75 75 - 85 85 - 97 97 - 110 110 - 125
Certified takeoff weight kg 60 - 77 70 - 88 80 - 100 92 - 114 105 - 128
Glider weight kg 4.45 4.75 4.85 5.15 5.45
Span m 11.40 11.90 12.30 12.80 13.25
Projected Span m 9.10 9.50 9.80 10.20 10.60
Aspect ratio 6.16 6.16 6.16 6.16 6.16
Projected aspect ratio 4.6 4.6 4.6 4.6 4.6
Number of cells 66 66 66 66 66
Number of risers 3 3 3 3 3
Accelerator travel max. cm 11 12 16 17 18
Certification EN / LTF D* EN / LTF C EN / LTF C EN / LTF C EN / LTF C

*EN/LTF D only in the spiral, other manoeuvers EN/LTF C and lower

Perfect weight range choice and optimally tuned for weight with a proper small size

The SIGMA 10 size selection was thought of as having Seamless Weight Ranges between 10 and 15 kg steps. Every pilot’s flying weight will find itself within only one ideal takeoff weight range, because these ranges extend seamlessly through the glider sizes, but do not overlap. These SIGMA 10 ideal takeoff weight areas provide the optimal relationship between gliding speed and climb performance for each size in all normal flying conditions, and also take into account the different paraglider size characteristics. For the first time a Sigma comes out in five sizes, with a proper small size. What we mean is that the SIGMA 10/21 size, 60 - 77 kg takeoff weight range, is not just a scaled down version, but has materials and design features adapted for a small paraglider.

Sizes & Weight Ranges | Advance SIGMA 10

SIGMA 10 - Epic XC

With an aspect ratio of 6.16 and 66 cells the ADVANCE XC flagship is positioned at the centre of the EN/LTF C class. The high-tech sportster combines outstanding performance with sporty dynamic and distinguished colours.

Performing | Performance benchmark for Sport Class

The profile of the SIGMA 10 is based on a new technological platform, which completely frees it from its predecessor. One result is an immense leap in performance. The XC Sportster is not only fast; it can also make the most of en-route climbs. Its balanced pitch behaviour, directional stability and good absorption of turbulence even improve its performance in bumpy air.

Sporty | The new Sportiness

The SIGMA 10 delights with its pleasantly spirited handling which allows the pilot to feel the sportiness of the wing. The canopy eagerly grasps a thermal, and the smallest steering input is answered directly and precisely. This playful but effective handling not only allows long distances to be flown without tiredness, but is also your guarantee of much flying fun.

Hightech | The Most Modern Features

The SIGMA 10 includes the very latest performance-enhancing state-of-the-art technologies. Tension and weight optimised Sliced Diagonals ensure perfect load distribution inside the wing, the Advanced Air Scoop for well-mannered stall behaviour, C-Wires for maximal profile shape stability and Miniribs for a clean trailing edge.

Technology & Features


3D Diamond Shaping

A diagonal term included in the 3D-Shaping number crunching allows for the bunching of wing fabric at sewn seams to be allowed for and minimised – not only for horizontal aerodynamic forces, as before, but now taking vertical profile loads into account as well. This results in a smoother surface at the important leading edge, and, yet again, even better performance.

Enhanced Speed System

A two gear speed system allows the SIGMA 10 speedbar loading and travel to be adjusted to suit the individual pilot’s leg length. This is achieved by changing the position at which one pulley’s action is blocked. The Speed Performance Indicator (SPI) provides a visual indication of the current accelerated situation on the polar curve, and C-Handles offer a comfortable means of active flying while accelerated.

Reduced Line Setup

More cells, fewer lines, more performance: even with seven more cells, compared with the SIGMA 9, the SIGMA 10 has 15 % fewer support points and therefore 11 % less line metres, thanks to the extensive tension and weight optimised Sliced Diagonals. The resulting performance increase is noticeable.

State of the Art Technology

The most modern, performance-enhancing state-of-the-art technologies were incorporated in the SIGMA 10. Advanced Air Scoop Technology provides good-natured stall behaviour with clearly increasing brake loading as the stall is approached. C-Wires keep the profile in perfect shape, and Miniribs ensure a smooth trailing edge.

Line Features

Colour coding

Advance SIGMA 10 line features | Colour coding

To make line sorting easier the SIGMA 10 A and brake lines are identified by different colours (grey and red) at the risers. Big ear lines, stabilo lines and the much-handled brake lines have a section of coloured cover running up from the riser end.

Twice coated

Advance SIGMA 10 line features | Twice coated

Edelrid Magix Pro lines differ from other uncovered versions because they undergo a detailed Thermo Shield treatment and have an additional UV-Protec-Coating, which filters out the sun’s damaging UV light. These finishing processes prolong life, provide resistance to dust and water, and, at the same time, minimise the loss of strength caused by UV radiation.

Very stable length

Advance SIGMA 10 line features | Very stable length

Compared with Dyneema, Aramid lines, in general, change their lengths very little. Edelrid "Magix Pro" demonstrates minimal stretching and shrinking – within a maximum 0.2 % - and this line has excellent return-to-original properties. Experience shows that paragliders, fully lined with Edelrid "Magix Pro", do not require retrimming for very long periods. Original flying characteristics are retained even after much intensive use.

Robust dimensions

Advance SIGMA 10 line features | Robust dimensions

The use of "Magix Pro" for the SIGMA 10 does not put performance alone at the forefront. Line thickness is similar to that of traditional covereds. This measurement results in considerably higher strength for the same diameter, because the whole cross section shares the load – not just the core. The broad gauge of "Magix Pro" lines delivers longer life compared to similar thickness covered lines.

Inner loop reinforcement

Advance SIGMA 10 line features | Inner loop reinforcement

Every SIGMA 10 line has internal loop reinforcement. To achieve this a length of the same line is spliced inside a loop, increasing its line diameter, and thus the surface area of loop to loop contact. This reduces pressure where thin line meets thicker, and avoids the problem of the thin line cutting into the other.

Outer loop reinforcement

Advance SIGMA 10 line features | Outer loop reinforcement

Base line loops also have external covers to minimise wear where they meet their quicklink.


What is required of a SIGMA 10 pilot?
The ADVANCE Sportster finds itself in the middle of the EN/LTF C class and is suitable for accomplished thermal pilots with cross country experience, who fly actively, understand canopy disturbances and can prevent them at their outset. It goes without saying that the pilot of a sports class paraglider should be competent to carry out the normal fast descent techniques.
When this is the case the outstanding performance potential of the SIGMA 10 can be fully utilised. The pilot will benefit from the high degree of pitch and directional stability – especially in bumpy air. The SIGMA 10 will then feel especially good and reward its pilot with improved performances.

What are the differences between SIGMA 10 and SIGMA 9?
The SIGMA 10 is a completely new design. To accompany the many other details the aspect ratio is greater (now 6.16 flat compared with 5.8), there are seven more cells, Mini-Ribs at the trailing edge and C-Wires. The new design resulted in a saving of 11 % line metres. 3D Diamond Shaping produced an even smoother surface over the aerodynamically sensitive leading edge.
The certification is different. The SIGMA 9 was a low end EN/LTF C paraglider – the SIGMA 10 is classified as a middle C so demands a higher standard of piloting.
For comfortable active gliding in accelerated flight the SIGMA 10 has C-Handles. This XC-Sportster also comes out in five sizes with Seamless Weight Ranges instead of the usual four: and it is also available in the new and exclusive ADVANCE "Spectra" serial colour.

Which SIGMA 10 size should I choose?
This is an easy one. If you fly in the usual variety of typical conditions your takeoff weight will feature in only one Ideal (Seamless) Weight Range. Decision made!

Can I also fly the SIGMA 10 outside the Seamless Weight Ranges?
Absolutely! The Certified Weight Ranges are wider – and overlap as usual. The SIGMA 10 flies very well at either end of its certified ranges. Heavy or light – you have the choice. The ideal weight ranges were introduced to make the decision easy for those many who fly in the normal varied conditions. These ‘seamless’ ideal ranges have no gaps, but do not overlap, so there’s one size for a specific weight. But you are free to make your own choice within the Certified weight ranges.

Flying outside the Seamless weight ranges - in other words near the upper or lower Certified weight limits – can affect flying characteristics and handling, but will not compromise your safety. Glide ratio remains the same, but climb performance will change.

Is SIGMA 10 packing difficult?
No, SIGMA 10 packing is easy. It’s much the same as other gliders with Nylon wire leading edges – with one difference, the C-wires. But if you gather the nose wires at the same level and leave them there the C-wires look after themselves. First collect the leading edge cell on cell, one side after the other, then gather the trailing edge, without pulling the leading edge out of alignment.

Fold the left and right folded lanes over into the middle, then one side over the other. Remember to change the centrefold lane sometimes to avoid wear.

Then fold the trailing edge in, on top of the C-wires, which should still be at one level. Fold the leading edge over at the ends of the nose wires – then again over the trailing edge half. That’s it. Don’t compress or pack too tightly – but this is always good paraglider advice.


EN/LTF Reports

Advance Speed System

Advance now only supply speed systems with their harnesses (with some exceptions) and not their wings. Check out our speed systems here and if you need help choosing the correct one for your harness then please contact Flybubble.

How to pack an ADVANCE SIGMA 10 (video)

A video showing ADVANCE's recommended packing technique for the SIGMA 10.

Flybubble: This is also very similar to how we recommend packing most wings, if not using a concertina bag. We prefer using a good concertina bag as this makes packing quicker and easier, especially if it's windy, and we think it's better for the wing as no leading edge wires get bent.

Advance SIGMA 10 paraglider reviews

The climb rate is excellent... the SIGMA 10’s precise handling allows you to hold on to the core... the glide at speed is extremely impressive. In terms of pilot demands ... a mid C... performance of a high C.

The SIGMA 10 is... an excellent wing for ambitious XC pilots who’ve outgrown the B class and want more performance and more dynamic handling... a top contender in the sports class... also a great choice for more experienced XC or ex-competition pilots who are still keen to fly lots of XC and have ambitious ideas to beat their personal bests whilst having fun...

- Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble (full review)

Watch Flybubble's accompanying view review of the Sigma 10 below.

Other reviews of the Advance SIGMA 10

"As usual, the construction, the sewings, the finishing details of the Sigma 10 is similar to a Ferrari. Don’t expect less."

"Launching the 6.1 aspect ratio Sigma 10 is smooth, easy, and without surprises. The take off is immediate."

"First turn and my eyebrows are already lifted! The brake travel is very responsive, accurate, precise, direct, and linear." "The Sigma 10 responded to my commands whenever i wanted regardless of what conditions is around. A super obedient glider and a pleasurable one to fly. It can be placed exactly where the pilots wants. This excellent brake authority is coupled with a very well structured glider."

".. the internal structure of this Sigma 10 is super solid, super coherent, and very efficient in turbulent air. I didn’t noticed any wrinkles on that surface…It seems flawless…" "This coherent solid feel was always present like a guardian."

"I also flew next to my reference glider in the C category, the Cayenne 5... Doing many glides in active air together showed at first a similar glide at trim speed with a very slight edge in trim speed for the S10. The difference was more visual at 40 % of the Sigma 10, red marker. At that speed... the Sigma 10 showed me a better glide by a small margin in calm air. In active turbulent air this margin was bigger." "Full speed on the Cayenne 5 with the Sigma 10 matching that speed, they showed same glide again. Now the Sigma 10 similarly loaded has +3km/h more top speed."

"... it does really go up very fast reaching the top of gaggles."

"I noticed that each time the conditions were more turbulent, the Sigma 10, showed more it’s potential by cutting through and moving forward like no Sigma has done before. That’s why, i can confirm swiftly that this Sigma 10 is the best Sigma ever made when it comes to true performance!"

"The Sigma 10 delivers a high comfort in active air ! This swift handling, the solid structure, will let the C pilot control it swiftly and accurately in active air. I can say any Good B pilot could easily upgrade on the Sigma 10 after two seasons on his glider."

"At it’s optimum weight load, this profile doesn’t pitch back in turbulence, neither forward. It just goes trough turbulence and move forward, letting it’s pilot comfortably relaxed. It’s an efficient glider in headwind or valley breeze, especially for 6.1 AR C glider."

"The Sigma 10 has one of the most efficient C controls a glider can have. It doesn’t react as a 2 liner, but really close :-) . I mean this glider is much more stable than higher rated ones, therefore, when on bar, this efficient C control, will help a lot by reducing any surge movement in active air. So stepping on the pedal is very easy and accessible."

"Conclusion: Advance has done a marvelous job on this Sigma 10! They didn’t stretch the aspect ratio, keeping it simple and authentic as it should be. They worked hard on the inner structure and other details and they succeeded to deliver accessible ‘TOP’ performance in the C category. 1- 90% Comfortable, 2- 95% agile, 3- 90% efficient and usable top performance, plus fast enough for a C ! Happiness emerges from the most simple things in life. The Sigma 10 approaches that philosophy with excellence."

- Ziad Bassil, Dust of the Universe

"Power at full speed: The Sigma 10 bustles on through bumpy air at 57 km/h top speed, showing exceptional pitch and directional stability."

"The stability and superb canopy feedback at half, but also full bar are magnificent qualities of this new ADVANCE Sport Class wing."

"Even in gnarly conditions this sport class wing gives the feeling that it’s in charge – all the time."

- Franz Sailer, Thermik-Magazin, edition 7_2017

"Does it lack anything of an EN-D wing (competition wings excepted)? Apart from the top speed it seems to me that the SIGMA 10 has everything; it climbs fast, flies far and wide and benefits from exceptional circling behaviour."

"The results confirm it: The SIGMA 10 is extremely good at climbing."

- Cedric Nieddu, Parapente Mag, no 172

"I loaded my 25 size SIGMA 10 to about 100 kg and I climbed very well – I was often able to perform better than competition wings in narrow thermals."

- Andreas Birenstihl, Swiss Champion 2017 Sport Class

"The Sigma 10 is pure pleasure; a very balanced paraglider that is easy to fly, with top glide ratio and superb dynamic behaviour. It is also comfortable to fly, requires little effort, and -even better- it does not cause any stress to the pilot. This glider offers a feeling of elegance and efficiency in flight."

"One of the most interesting paragliders for the current XC season because of its performance, its handling and comfort in flight; and that element of exclusivity found in this Swiss manufacturer’s paragliders."

- Daniel Crespo, Ojo Volodor

Advance SIGMA 10 pilot feedback

"The SIGMA 10 has very good performance. It is a very versatile and fun wing with good slow flying qualities; and also very pleasant to fly."

- Yael Margelisch, Flying Instructor, Competition and Acro pilot

"The SIGMA 10 has very good directional, roll and pitch stability. This makes it not only comfortable to fly, but also very effective in turbulent air."

- Patrick von Känel, Test- and Cross Country pilot

"In thermals the SIGMA 10 can be manoeuvred very precisely because the brake loading rises less steeply at the higher end of the steering range: a clear plus point compared with its predecessor."

- Sergio Waldmeier, Head of Airzone Flying School

"The Sigma 10 is really nice to ground handle. Despite my trepidation, the take-off was really simple due to the super-friendly behaviour of the Sigma 10 on the ground. It was really comfortable to fly in the choppy air (more comfortable than my Carrera+). The performance/glide is excellent. One of things I loved, when I moved to the Carrera is that I could go further in every direction than ever before. With the Sigma 10, it’s even more so: my playground has suddenly got a lot bigger!" "The Sigma rocks on fun-factor and performance, so I’m super happy with my choice!"

- Lewis John, XC pilot and Flybubble customer

"The SIGMA 10's handling is very nice. Sporty yet comfortable. Talkative through the risers and the brakes, in a good way. The climb rate seems good and I felt like I was able to stay in thermals relatively easily. Performance is extremely impressive. Particularly the difference in speed on full bar. It really moves! This is probably the thing I am most excited about in this wing.” "After testing a few other sports wings I decided to order a SIGMA 10. On my maiden flight on my new wing flew 120+ km from Devils Dyke, stopped only by the sea breeze coming in from Margate, smashing my global personal best at the time!"

- Alex Buck , Flybubble team pilot and customer

Additional Information

Condition Used
Activity Paragliding
Website Link
Model Status Current model
EN Certification EN C
LTF Certification LTF C
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page

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