Varios – what they do for us, and how to choose one

Join top Swiss pilot and instrument developer Joerg Ewald (Volirium) for a workshop on varios. Learn what makes a good vario and how it can elevate your flying to the next level. Become an informed pilot (while having some yummy pizza)!

Be at the Pizza Express in Lewes (15 High St, Lewes BN7 2LN) at 18:30 sharp to socialise and order your food: the workshop begins at 19:00.

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Phi SYMPHONIA (First Impressions)

You’d expect a designer with such a long tradition of excellence in paragliding to have something special up his sleeve when he starts his own brand. Something that not only displays his mastery of design but creates a space within a crowded marketplace. A disruptor. There’s no question that the Symphonia will be a defining wing for PHI.

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High Adventure Itsy Bitsy Touch Gloves Reviews

“Great for paragliding, maybe not for outer space…” What are the new three season gloves from High Adventure really like?

Trevor reports: “I fly (badly) in Norway, and after melting my fingers flying in various gloves, I decided to go all in and spend the money on the Touch. I bought the size 10, which was a good fit for me and if you are a flight instrument / screen junkie, then you will get on with these gloves.

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Strong Wind Depower: Rear Riser Control

Launching in strong wind is difficult to learn, because if you get it wrong you’re quickly overpowered. Here’s a technique that reduces the force generated by the paraglider, allowing you to stay in control.

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Adding tasks to Oudie (Paragliding)

Adding tasks to the Oudie for paragliding is relatively easy, once you know how. Since every pilot thinks differently, Naviter have designed the Oudie to be flexible, often with more than one way to do things, so that each individual can choose their preferred method. For example, there are various methods by which tasks can be added and activated on the Oudie. This article outlines a few of these.

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Volirium P1 vario review – first impressions (Phil Clark)

The P1 aims to cover the usual all-in-one functionality we've come to expect from alti-vario-GPS devices in that they tell you where you are, how fast your position is changing, in which direction you're travelling, and - hopefully - help you make better decisions on where to go next! So, how does the P1 do? Phil Clark gives his first impressions.

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How To Cobra Launch (and not get bitten)

The Cobra Launch is an alternative launch technique for moderate to strong wind. It works by pulling the wing up from a crosswind position relative to the pilot, so the pull force is reduced. In this article we analyse the setup and control required for a successful Cobra Launch.

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Supair Safety Warning: LEAF

Supair have issued a safety warning regarding the possibility of some LEAF gliders entering parachutal phase when inducing big-ears in unaccelerated flight. Not all gliders are affected. For affected gliders a line kit will be made available to eliminate the risk of a parachutal phase free of charge. Read the full notification and safety warning from Supair for more details.

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Basic Soaring Skills for Low Airtime Pilots

Ridge soaring provides an essential learning environment for low airtime pilots, allowing you to build airtime without the turbulence and hit-and-miss altitude of thermic flying. But after you've gone up and down the ridge twenty times, what else can you do? Are there some things you could be exploring to improve your skills faster? Yes there are!

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