Flying after a layoff

All pilots know that, for best and safe flying, currency is key. So what happens after an extended layoff? For example, prolonged no-fly periods caused by family or work commitments, illness, injury or pandemic-induced lockdowns.

Phil Clark, an experienced paraglider pilot, flying paragliders since 1989, with roughly 1000 hours of diverse airtime, shares some words of wisdom to help keep you on the right flight-track and get the most out of your flying season.

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Choose The Right Connectors

With so many different connectors to attach your wing, reserve or speed system, it's important to choose the right one for both your particular flying and the usage. In this series of articles we'll examine connection methods, talk about their advantages and disadvantages, and help you choose the right connectors.

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Connecting the wing

Connectors in this category come with a specific set of uses, which must be adhered to. For example, don't use karabiners designed for solo paraglider use for tandem paraglider use, like connecting the tandem wing risers to the spreaders.

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Why People Fly — a Flybubble film

Have you ever wondered why people fly? Since the dawn of time mankind must have looked up at the sky and wanted to emulate the birds that move so freely above us.

We are a fortunate generation. For us free flight has become a reality. Thanks to the generations before us the kit is safe and accessible, there are established flying schools and flying sites.

Free flight in all its disciplines is more accessible than it has ever been.

Our new Flybubble film celebrates the joy of free flight and the wisdom of British Philosopher Alan Watts.

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Connecting the reserve parachute

The emergency reserve parachute system may be connected to the harness, the main harness/wing connectors—usually involving a reserve outer container—or the tandem spreaders, depending on the particular whole equipment setup. To help correctly connect the reserve parachute, this article outlines the main considerations for this, and gives a 'connectors shopping list' to help you ensure you have everything you need.

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Choose The Right Reserve Parachute

Round, square, hybrid, rogallo? There are many differences between modern reserve parachutes and buying one can be a complicated decision. A reserve can seem like an unnecessary cost, something you could do without or don't need to pay much attention to. But it's a cornerstone of reducing risk, and it's really important to get the choice right.

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