The Nepal Traverse – a solo paragliding volbiv adventure across the Himalayas

The Nepal Traverse is the first solo paraglider vol bivouac attempt of the entire length of the Nepali Himalayas.

There have been a number of great paragliding flights by other paraglider pilots across parts of the route but none by any British paraglider pilots and none have attempted starting and ending at the Indian borders. UK paraglider pilot Steven Mackintosh (Tosh) wishes to make this adventure an inspiration to others, and provide a lasting charitable legacy for Nepal.

The ultimate outcome of this adventure will be to generate funds for two worthwhile Nepali charities: Karma Flights and Save the Karnali. Tosh is initially raising funds to cover production costs of the full film. Income generated from the film and talks will be donated to the Nepali charities.

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New Flybubble film series: Hike & Fly

We're excited to announce a new Flybubble film mini-series, with new guest filmmaker Rob Johnson of Filmuphigh!

Rob has been climbing and mountaineering for more than 25 years, making his living in the mountains professionally for the last 18, and only discovered paragliding two years ago. Each episode of this new hike-and-fly focused series will be filmed as part of a separate mountain journey, offering beautiful visuals and valuable insights, culminating in the flight!

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Phi VIOLA wing review

The Phi Viola is a wing that appeals to potentially the widest range of pilots imaginable. The majority of sizes are EN A, and are thought of as lightweight hike and fly wings, and that's correct, as it's a lightweight version of the Sonata. However, it's also a very capable mainstream wing, and a mini wing for alpine flying or high wind soaring. It is able to cater for all these demands with a range of eight sizes, and certification from EN A to EN D, depending on the size chosen, and the use of extended weight ranges. 

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Advance EASINESS 3 paragliding harness review (2)

The Advance Easiness 3 is a very high quality mainstream 'hike and fly' harness that's also suitable for beginners, and those with more general flying experience but new to the hike & fly genre. It also provides a myriad of other possibilities, for "travel and fly" or cycling to sites, for example. If you're interested in this sort of harness, read on…

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Flying teamwork makes freeflight dreamwork

In this free flying cross country tips article, Flybubble team pilot Phil Clark shares with you his key learning points from an ambitious planned closed-circuit XC flying task and shows us that, done right, flying teamwork can make freeflight dreamwork.

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