Advance have now produced a concertina bag with compression built in, which comes with a few new features over the redesigned TUBEBAG light. There’s now a dedicated stretchy panel to help secure the leading edge (LE) and a cloth panel covers the wing material (and lines) where the zip runs. There are also two zip heads and the option to feed lines out of either end if you’re leaving your harness attached, but the zip closes from the LE down to the trailing edge (TE) (like the TUBEBAG light). 

You can lead the lines out of either end but you need to choose when you unzip: if you want them out the LE of the wing then unzip from the LE first, if you want lines out the TE then unzip from TE first. You can't swap ends without doing up the zips on the empty bag.

It’s very high quality with sturdy and precise manufacturing and the usual Advance attention to detail.

The whole package is designed to be folded into four. My Omega 8 (size 23) actually needs to be folded in three so the risers lay on the TE before tucking in to meet the LE that is folded in to the centre. It does take a little bit of lining up to make sure the compression zip will run around the edge and there’s a fair bit of squish to be done before you can fully close the zips but it makes for a nice, neat, semi-rigid block in the rucksack. Combined with the original Advance Lightness kit I have more space in the bag and a more comfortable pack to carry.

This sort of packing isn’t ideal for gliders with stiff full length chord-wise rods. For example, most two-liners typically have extensive and often rather stiff reinforcing, which doesn't like being bent. These require wrapping the wing around something--for example, either 'packing pillows' or, if suitable, a lightweight, compact harness--to avoid sharp bends in the rods. Most normal and lightweight wings are fine and will easily fit, however.

As a rule of thumb, up to M size wings should be fine in the 260cm size bag. I expect that most larger sized wings will be OK in the 300cm size, especially if they’re higher aspect (shorter chord).

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Advance Compressbag Tube review


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