Advance Epsilon 7 Review Parapente Mag

Advance Epsilon 7 Review Parapente Mag

French magazine Parapente Mag published a great EPSILON 7 review. In case don't speak French, Advance have translated the most important part.

Summary of the Epsilon 7 Review Published By Parapente Mag

Test pilot Philippe Lami describes the technical aspect of the EPSILON 7 and compares it with its predecessor the EPSILON 6. He says : ADVANCE chose to make the pilot’s life simpler! The manufacturing quality and all the small details are quite obvious. ADVANCE remains at the top of the quality and we can see it, feel it, touch it!

Pre-flighting the glider and sorting the lines is easy, the few lines untangle with ease. Inflation is very simple, you can use any method, they all work easily.

My first turns with the new EPSILON 7, show immediately the excellent handling, quick response, short light brake travel. The wing is altogether more efficient and performs better than its predecessor. Light speed system, easy to use, max speed 50kmh, and can be used easily in turbulent air. Big Ears, with the extra riser tab, really easy with immediate reopening.

Max Glide 9.3 in calm air, but the more importantly the wing is stable and extremely efficient in turbulent air.

Once again a really likeable wing, with high performance, yet accessible to all pilots. The aspect ratio is smaller than the EPSILON 6, but with increased performance and efficiency. Great work from the ADVANCE R&D team, who continue to deliver excellent products.

Read the full review (French).