Advance SIGMA 10 (First Impressions)

Lewis John test flew our SIGMA 10 (27) demo on a spicy day with strong convergence. He said: “the Sigma is really nice to ground handle. Despite my trepidation, the take-off was really simple due to the super-friendly behaviour of the Sigma on the ground. It was really comfortable to fly in the choppy air (more comfortable than my Carrera+). The performance/glide is excellent. One of things I loved, when I moved to the Carrera is that I could go further in every direction than ever before. With the Sigma 10, it’s even more so: my playground has suddenly got a lot bigger!”

After flying some other wings, Lewis’ mind was made up: “Please order me a 27 in grey, which looks rather swish! The Sigma rocks on fun-factor and performance, so I’m super happy with my choice!”

Alex Buck test flew our SIGMA 10 (25) demo, and gave the following feedback: “Handling is nice. Sporty yet comfortable. Felt talkative through the risers and the brakes. The climb rate seems good and I felt like I was able to stay in thermals relatively easily. Performance is extremely impressive. Particularly the difference in speed on full bar. It really moves. This is probably the thing I am most excited about in this wing.” Alex ordered a SIGMA 10 in red, which we got in quickly and completed our dealer checks so only a few days later, he got to fly it. On his maiden flight, Alex flew 120+ km from Devils Dyke, stopped only by the sea breeze coming in from Margate, smashing his global personal best!

Carlo has flown the SIGMA 10 in a variety of conditions for more than 10 hours, and ground handled it for more than an hour. “As with all Advance wings since the SIGMA 8 and OMEGA 8, the ground handling and launch are very well sorted and balanced. It’s clear that Advance put a big emphasis on this aspect of their wings. In the air the SIGMA 10 gives just the right amount of feedback to make use of weak conditions, and not too much to be a handful when it turns rough. The performance is a significant an improvement on the SIGMA 9 in all areas: climb, glide and speed – especially accelerated.

The climb rate is excellent – even in weak and broken conditions. In strong, rodeo climbs the SIGMA 10’s precise handling allows you to hold on to the core without problem. The top speed is notably higher, and the glide at speed is extremely impressive. In terms of pilot demands, whereas the SIGMA 9 was more of a low C wing, the SIGMA 10 is a mid C – with the performance of a high C.”

Flybubble currently has demo SIGMA 10s in 23, 25, 27 and 29 sizes (21 on its way!)

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