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  1. Ozone Mantra M7 Review

    Ozone Mantra M7 Review

    The Mantra M7 fits well in Ozone's paraglider range midway between the Delta 3 (EN C) and the Zeno (two-liner EN D). What's it like to fly, and who should buy one?

  2. Skywalk X-ALPS4 paraglider review (first impressions)

    Skywalk X-ALPS4 paraglider review (first impressions)

    Carlo had the opportunity to try out the X-ALPS4. Like its predecessor, X-ALPS4 is an ultralight 3-liner with 6.99 aspect ratio, nylon wires, complex internal design, and certified EN/LTF D. Skywalk explain that they deliberately chose a 3-line concept for the X-ALPS4 because they feel this is currently the best symbiosis of high performance, low weight and ease of use. "The X-ALPS4 is not only for the athletes of the 2019 Red Bull-X-Alps... but also for all XC pilots looking for a performant and extremely well-balanced racing wing."

  3. Phi TENOR light paraglider review

    Phi TENOR light paraglider review

    I was excited when PHI released a lightweight version of the TENOR. The original wing (also a low B) has impressive performance, nippy handling and great passive safety. How does the new TENOR LIGHT compare to the full fat version? I flew it in the UK winter and then for 30 hours in Colombia in a wide spectrum of flying conditions whilst leading a cross country paragliding tour, which gave me a great opportunity to test the responses and compare it with other current wings. Is it any good? Let’s find out.

  4. Supair SKYPPER 2 paragliding pod harness reviews

    Supair SKYPPER 2 paragliding pod harness reviews

    The Supair SKYPPER 2 has everything else you’d expect from a top of the range harness: two reserve containers, thick 18cm back protection, generous storage pockets, a wide instrument cockpit and removable panel, and drogue chute pockets on both sides. It is a slightly different take on the competition harness that makes it more appealing to a broad range of experienced XC pilots.

  5. Gin Bonanza 2 sports paraglider review

    Gin Bonanza 2 sports paraglider review

    The Gin BONANZA 2 makes it clear, it’s aiming for Sports Class, and the EN C rating leaves no room for misunderstanding: it’s only suitable for experienced pilots. It looks especially clean, high aspect and racy. Is it too hot? Carlo Borsattino tests the wing in a range of conditions in Tenerife and the UK to analyse the handling and features.

  6. Gin ATLAS 2 paraglider review

    Gin ATLAS 2 paraglider review

    The original Gin ATLAS was released in 2013, and has been a hugely successful Progression wing offering ‘easy B’ handling and good performance. It still holds its own against newer wings.  Gin was clearly in no hurry to replace the...
  7. Supair STEP paraglider review

    Supair STEP paraglider review

    The Supair STEP is a 'high B' suitable for pilots with some experience wanting to 'step up' from their first wing or progression wing into the top part of the EN B category focused on XC flying. Carlo and Nancy flew the wing in a range of summertime conditions in the UK, with some good thermals and quite choppy conditions that gave the STEP a good testing.

  8. Phi TENOR paraglider review

    Phi TENOR paraglider review

    The TENOR (EN B) is bigger brother to the SYMPHONIA ('super-high A'), which the Flybubble Crew are extremely impressed with, so we were excited to try out this new Hanesh Papesh design billed as a ‘kick-ass’ wing. Carlo Borsattino tested it in exceptionally summery conditions in the UK.

  9. Kortel Kanibal Race II competition harness review

    Kortel Kanibal Race II competition harness review

    The Kortel Kanibal Race II has all the features you’d expect from a modern competition harness. Two reserve containers (one on each side) that are very neatly integrated. Removable full-size flight deck. Drogue chute pocket (ambidextrous). Ratchet pulleys. Aerodynamic tail fin, ballast storage. But most of all: supreme comfort and control.

  10. Phi SYMPHONIA review

    Phi SYMPHONIA review

    The Symphonia is a new ‘super high A’ wing from a new brand called Phi. This suggests it offers EN-A passive safety but also high levels of performance and energy. I'd flown the Phi Symphonia already in winter conditions and...

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