Advance Pi 2 Reviews

Advance Pi 2 Review (Greg Hamerton)

The original Pi was an astounding design but some aspects kept it limited to being mainly a mountain wing. Advance have learned from the first project and perfected the concept in the Pi 2. It is slightly lighter, slightly larger, and has much better test results – EN A for normal flying, EN B in the extended (high loading) range (size 23 and 27).

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Niviuk Hook 4 Review

Niviuk says “The docile and intuitive character of this new model brings full awareness in flight, handling ease and provides the means to progress in all phases of flight with peace of mind.”

What does this mean, in the real world?

The Progression Class is full of exceptional modern wings designed to appeal to low airtime pilots.

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Advance Pi 2 Reviews

The Pi was an astounding design but some aspects kept it limited to being mainly a mountain wing. Advance have learned from the first project. Have they perfected the concept in the Pi 2?

It has some impressive characteristics and surprising performance. Instead of a bomb-proof wing for quick descents, our reviewers found a fully developed paraglider, capable of XC flying.

Greg Hamerton: "I kept looking up and thinking, how is it doing that?" 

Phil Clark: "You get the feeling it's put together with precision and finesse."

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Advance Epsilon 8 (Progression Class)

A compact and stable canopy makes a pilot feel happy, even in demanding conditions.

Numerous performance-enhancing tweaks have found their way into the wing. It was designed as a hybrid 3-liner and has only one line junction level.

The Epsilon 8 is a Progression class wing with good direct handling and performance, very stable, with thin risers, very few lines and light weight.

Test pilot Greg Blondeau commented: "I had lots of fun to test it, I think it's a good evolution for the sport to have an easy glider like this."

Flybubble demo arriving soon, review to follow!
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Nova ION 4 (Progression Class)

According to Nova, the ION 4 has a better glide than the MENTOR 3. From 3.95 kg (XXS) it is feather light and offers impressive handling and climb performance.

The ION 4 offers a high degree of passive safety and is suitable for a wide spectrum of pilots but is aimed at gifted beginners and pilots with developing cross-country ambitions.

A refined canopy shape and tapered wing tips underpin the design optimisation. The light weight makes the ION 4 simple to launch and improves its extreme flight behaviour. 

Flybubble review coming soon.

Discover the new milestone in the ION series!

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Advance Alpha 6 paraglider review (Carlo Borsattino)

The Advance Alpha 5 was an outstanding first wing that took beginners well beyond the school environment. The updated design boasts less weight, fewer lines and double 3D shaping at the leading edge that is bound to give it more performance. The Alpha 6 also promises 'air scoop technology' that increases the stall resistance when flying slowly. With all these improvements, is it still suitable for training? Does it meet the needs of adventurous beginners and recreational pilots?

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Advance Easiness 2

Very straightforward, double the comfort - and light.

This EASINESS 2 light reversible harness with no seatboard literally sparkles with many new features.

A range of two sizes will suit every individual, wider shoulder straps and longer legpads ensure even more comfort, and a removable airbag with built-in reserve compartment guarantee maximal safety.

The rucksack mode is not just ultra-comfortable to carry, but serves as a genuine mountain backpack, fitted with removable waist strap, helmet net, pole and ice axe holders.

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British Paragliding Racing Academy

Something very new and exciting is about to happen in the UK competition scene: the British Paragliding Racing Academy!

It is supported by the BHPA and aims to enlist and train future world class paraglider pilots whilst helping the existing team pilots.

The BPRA are creating a program of learning and experiences in and around Europe to develop the skills necessary to win paragliding competitions.

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A Flying Story

How To Go Harness Shopping (by Stuart Hall)

I decided that I needed to upgrade my Advance Lightness for a Lightness 2 and Flybubble offered me a part ex deal. Carlo and Nancy also offer a setting up service, and with various sizes of harness/pod combinations I was keen to visit the shop.

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