2015 UK PG XC Season (by Carlo Borsattino)

Flying cross country in the UK offers many challenges and unique experiences. In this article I have tried to summarise the action from the most successful XC season in history, so grab a cuppa and enjoy the lengthy report at your leisure. There's lots to learn from reviewing the days that worked well, and what pilots chose to do.

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Prizes are provided by both the XC League and its sponsors.


The XC League uses the entry fees to provide trophies and cash prizes for the winners. In addition to these are special one-off cash prizes.



Stylish glass trophies showing the tracklog of a pilot's best flight are awarded for the following categories:

  • 1st place: Carlo Borsattino, Niviuk Artik 4 (1424.7 points)

  • 2nd place: Philip Wallbank, Ozone Mantra M6 (1416.7 points)

  • 3rd place: Hugh Miller, Ozone Mantra M6 (1403.7 points)

  • Women’s League winner: Nancy Elliott, Advance Iota (560.8 points)

  • Club League s winner: Southern (4807 points)

  • Weekend League winner: Hugh Miller, Ozone Mantra M6 (1158.4 points)

  • Winter League winner: Mark Watts, Ozone EnZo 2 (283.6 points)

  • Distance Only League winner: Carlo Borsattino, Skywalk Cayenne 5 (1197.7km)

  • Overseas League winner: Robert Smith, Ozone Rush 4 (782.8 points)


Cash Prizes

The XC League gives £1000 of cash prizes to the overall winners of the National and Weekend League s:


National League

  • 1st: Carlo Borsattino, Niviuk Artik 4, £250

  • 2nd: Philip Wallbank, Ozone Mantra M6, £190

  • 3rd: Hugh Miller, Ozone Mantra M6, £140

  • 4th: Mark Watts, Ozone EnZo 2, £100

  • 5th: Guy Anderson, Ozone EnZo 2, £70


Weekend League

  • 1st: Hugh Miller, Ozone Mantra M6, £125

  • 2nd: Philip Wallbank, Ozone Mantra M6, £75

  • 3rd: Carlo Borsattino, Niviuk Artik 4, £50


Special Prizes

These prizes are not specific to any year.

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Autumn XC

Autumn XC Paragliding in the UK

Although plenty of XCs were flown in September and October, no more 200+ point days materialised, so the positions of the top 10 weren't affected. There was still some lovely flying to be had though. For example, Simon Green flew 131km on his Advance Omega 8 from the Malverns to near the west coast of mid-Wales on 27th September!

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Pilots’ Tales

Pilots’ Tales (2015 UK PG XC)

Peggy Williams: "I had some really memorable flights during the year. Flying off Aonach Mor in Scotland and looking down on Ben Nevis from over 6000' was a real moment. Another was in early October when Graham Steel, Tim Crow and I flew 60k from Worcester Beacon across the Vale of Evesham.

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Spring XC

Spring 2015 XC Paragliding in the UK

A couple of weeks later saw the first '100+' day, on 10th March with Phil Wallbank scoring 112 points for a 43km FAI triangle flight from Llangollen in North Wales on his Ozone Mantra M6. The competition between the Southern and Pennine clubs had started!

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Flybubble News March 2016

Inspiring stories, XC Secrets and many new wing reviews in our free flying news. In this month's edition:

  • Wings Over The Cloud Award articles

  • Flying XC: Going fast or going first?

  • Wing review: ADVANCE ALPHA 6

  • Wing review: NIVIUK HOOK 4

  • Wing review: ADVANCE PI 2

  • Wing review: NOVA ION 4

  • Safety Notices

  • Flybubble Presents: Club Talks

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XC Secrets: Going First or Going Fast?

Getting the most out of a good XC day often comes down to a simple decision: do you leave the hill as soon as you can (and try to stay up all day) or do you wait till it's good and blaze a trail on speedbar to cover more ground during the strong part of the day?

Carlo Borsattino recounts his decisions and tactics on an epic flight from Selsely common, when his leading position on his Skywalk Cayenne 5 (EN C) was put to the test against the relentless racing of Mark Watts on his Ozone Enzo 2 (CCC).

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XC Secrets

Going First or Going Fast?

By Carlo Borsattino

Having already enjoyed some of the best XC flights I've ever had in the UK spring and early summer, you might suppose that the XC monkey would get off my back and let me be. Quite the opposite, in fact! These experiences were so amazing that I just wanted more.

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Wings Over The Cloud Award

BHPA Wings Over The Cloud Award

Each year the BHPA presents the Wings Over The Cloud award for inspiring writing published in Skywings Magazine.

This year Carlo Borsattino has won the award for his articles: Super Sunday and If We're Lucky We'll Make Bexhill.

Wings Over A Cloud Award

In these articles, Carlo shares his knowledge of analysing the weather forecasts, planning a route and making the right tactical decisions to remain airborne to enjoy some extended flatland cross country flying.

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