Sup’Air DELIGHT 2 – light pod harness

A lightweight cross-country ‘hammock’ style harness with removable carbon mini seatplate enabling efficient piloting with good feedback. Easy to use with a dorsal reserve parachute container; a backrest fitted with 15 cm medium density foam protection, "Safe-T" leg straps, and self-stabilizing geometry. Running on take-off is easy due to the light weight and the position of the leg straps. 3.640kg complete (M), Certification: EN 1651. Available from December.

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Swing SENSIS – comfort & performance

A glider for a broad group of pilots in the mid-EN-B segment, with simple and precise handling, pleasant damping, pitch stability, high passive safety and impressive performance. The SENSIS is a balanced fun wing for leisure pilots who want to enjoy themselves with recreational thermaling, cross country flying, fun or freestyle. It is forgiving and easy to control, even in turbulent air.

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Advance LIGHTNESS 2 pod harness

In the LIGHTNESS 2, ADVANCE has refined an already established product. The second generation LIGHTNESS takes the best of the original and achieves more safety, comfort and looks. At weights from 2.8 kg the LIGHTNESS 2 is a light harness, for sure; but its integrated reserve, certified protector and much reduced drag coefficient make it fully suitable for the serious cross country pilot. It comes with its own special rucksack, and the new COMPRESSBAG light.

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Nova MENTOR 4 coming soon!

The new ‘high-end EN-B’ wing claims to have an increase in performance of approximately half a glide point across the entire polar curve in comparison to the MENTOR 3.

Smart Cells improve the load distribution in the wing, the Air Scoop increases the internal pressure, which adds to performance and stability and Double 3D Shaping ensures a smooth profile nose.

The MENTOR 4 is lighter than its predecessor, achieved through an intelligent mixture of materials. It is currently being certified as EN B. The first demo gliders will be delivered from the end of October.

More performance but the price stays the same ;-)

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Advance SIGMA 9 reviews unanimous – a Great glider!

Major paragliding magazines Cross-Country, Parapente, Parapente + and THERMIK have been putting the SIGMA 9 through its paces. And they are unanimous: the new ADVANCE performance intermediate is a top class EN C wing. Something especially stands out - all their reports emphasise the stress free SIGMA 9 flying, without having to pay for it in performance or precision. On the contrary: it’s exactly because the SIGMA 9 is stress free to fly that you can use all its potential performance.

Read what they have to say on our Sigma 9 page (scroll down to reviews).

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High Adventure Beamer 3 family grows

Swiss manufacturer High Adventure is producing successors to its successful Beamer concept.

The new, small Beamer 3 covers a weight range up to 90 or 100 kg and is available in conventional as well as light version. It is intended for all light pilots, but also the roving paraglider and Hike & Fly community.

The small Beamer package for small/light equipment weighs just about 1230 grams. In standard build it weighs 1600 grams, including the inner container.

The Beamer 3 Light L has also been re-certified with a new max load of 130 kg, also valid for units already sold!

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The Class War

The Class War: Day One

Hugh Miller of Cross Country Magazine instigated the Class War, a great concept: a team of 5 top hang-gliders vs a team of 5 top paragliders, in a head-to-head XC meet. We all know hang-gliders are faster in the air, and have better glide at speed, but they seem to spend an awful long time on the ground, fiddling with their wires… And paragliders, on the other hand, well they sort of fluff themselves out in the wind and then get blown over the back of the hill and land somewhere, like, a few kilometres away, don't they?

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Skywalk Chili 3 Limited Edition

Skywalk are now offering a special color combination for the CHILI3, their successful XC glider. The CHILI3 Limited Edition is available immediately in a limited run of just 45 gliders for all sizes.

If you value uniqueness and individuality, make sure to have your skywalk dealer reserve your Limited Edition today! Be the first pilot at your mountain with this unique color combination!

The Limited Edition is available from your skywalk dealer at no extra charge. Special color combinations will now no longer be available.

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