Is Everybody OK?

Steve Empringham offers an insight into paragliding and mental health (republished with permission of Skywings Magazine).

Is it just me, or do some aspects of paragliding strike you as, well, just a bit abnormal?

If you feel like paragliding is dominating your life in a not entirely good way, read on. You are not alone. And take hope – there is another way.

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Companion SQR Reserve 160

The SQUARE ROUND 160 reserve from Companion is now available (supports a maximum load of 160 kg). The new size joins the previous 100 and 120 sizes in the growing Companion product range.

The SQR 160 has a 42 square metre surface area, a packed volume of between 4.0 and 6.4 litres and weighs 1927 grams. Its sink rate at maximum load is 5.3 m/s.  

Work on a tandem reserve is currently under way.

More about the Companion SQR 160 >

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XC Secrets: How To Fly XC (On A Paraglider)

Cross country (XC) flying is inspiring and adventurous. In its simplest form, you fly from one place to another. Because it’s so exciting when you achieve the impossible, it can be incredibly frustrating when you don’t. Why can I never leave the hill? you might wonder.

XC flying is an advanced skill, and it requires a broad foundation of training and practice to be able to do it consistently.

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Paragliding XC Devils Dyke to Margate 06.08.2016

Paragliding photos from a wonderful cross country flight by paraglider from Devils Dyke near Brighton in East Sussex to Margate in Kent, via Ashford and Canterbury.

It was pretty tricky getting up – and then staying up – to being with. Eventually our patience was rewarded by an incredibly beautiful, ethereal experience soaring up the side of some beautiful sea breeze front clouds. Then we had great fun gaggle-flying with a nice group of pilots on to Lewes and beyond. Rather than shoot off ahead on our own, we decided it’d be more fun to stay with the gaggle and see how far we could all get together.

What a lovely, lovely day… 🙂

See Carlo’s flight tracklog

Photos by Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble.

Flybubble Greg in X-Pyr hike&fly race!

Make sure you check this out: Flybubble Paragliding crew member, team pilot, and inspirational adventurer Greg Hamerton is the only UK pilot in the X-Pyr hike&fly race, starting tomorrow. Greg is up against the world-class professional paraglider pilots and athletes like Christian 'Chrigel the Eagle' Maurer and Aaron 'we don't know if he has a nickname' Durogati. He doesn't expect to win, but will give it his best shot and aims to have a great adventure whilst trying to complete the gruelling race.

Find out more about the X-Pyr and keep up with Greg and all the contestants on live track via here, and send him a bunch of encouraging (or just plain silly) messages to cheer him on!

Also, podcaster Judith Mole asked Greg ten random questions.

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Pilot: the ideal paragliding helmet

The PILOT helmet was specially developed by SUP'AIR for paraglider pilots and paragliding schools. It's modern, comfortable and very light.

It's certified for freeflight (CE EN 966), comes in one size (adjustable XS-L), and weighs only 380gr including the adjustable headband.

Currently availabile in Black (Black-Grey); Petrol (Petroleum Blue-Orange), we deliver the PILOT helmet with a protective microfiber helmet bag included.

More about the Sup'Air Pilot.

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Nova Phantom (2016) EN B

Nova: "The PHANTOM offers the safety of a basic intermediate with the performance of a top-end wing. This has been made possible through probably the most complex construction ever used in a serial-production wing." "With 99 cells, 804 needle-eye ribs and 3200 slots in the profiles and diagonal ribs to reduce weight, the PHANTOM could be the most complex and technically elaborate wing ever made.  With more than 3000 individual components, it sets a new benchmark in paraglider construction." "How does a large number of cells increase performance? The more cells, the smoother the wing – which means less drag. A large number of cells also provides ultimate stability. This helps maintain performance even in turbulent air." "The PHANTOM combines the best of both worlds: the low piloting demands of the ION and the great performance of the TRITON 2."

Find out more about the Nova's new Progression Class EN B wing here.

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