Coupe Icare 2016: SKYWALK

Carlo chatted to Arne Wehrlin, head of Skywalk and one of the founding partners.


Combining climb and glide performance with balanced handling is a big challenge.

Skywalk Chili 4 specs

The new CHILI4 promises more precise feedback through the brake lines and more direct (higher) brake range. It’s a whole new design, incorporating a shark nose and optimised cell structure.

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Coupe Icare 2016: SUPAIR

Supair at the Coupe Icare 2016

Carlo met the friendly Supair team and chatted with them about products in development.

Sup'Air team at the Coupe Icare 2016


On the stand was an early proto of this deluxe XC harness, also suitable for competition flying. It will be a similar weight to the Skypper, maybe slightly lighter, with a pronounced taper at the tip to improve aerodynamic flow.

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Just Another Little Cloud (by Vogel)

I will never forget this flight. It will always be present in my mind, during every glide and under every cloud…

The cumulus looked similar to others of the day. So did its shadow and its size. I was climbing with a soft 3m/s under the centre of it, where I always found the best lift that day, if not at the windward side.

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Just Another Little Cloud

'I thought I should speak on the radio, telling the guys "I'm in the cloud, I can't get out, I'm scared..."

But then what? Which cloud? And anyway, no-one could help me.

I felt really alone and very small.'

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Landing Area Etiquette

Do you have the right of way when you land? Will it save you from a collision?

Angus Pinkerton (Chairman, BHPA's Flying & Safety Committee) takes a look at landing area conflicts and ways to manage them sensibly.

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Landing Area Etiquette (by Angus Pinkerton)

There are a few pilots who consider that because the rules of the air give them priority it is always other people who have the responsibility to get out of their way. But this is not true, either in flight, on approach, or in the landing area.

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Light Wind Freedom

“You should’ve been here earlier, it was much better!” a pilot told me smugly as I was setting up my flying kit at Bo Peep.

I’d actually flown earlier (doing our dealer checks on a new wing) and didn’t like the conditions; easy to stay up, but windy, so the thermals were all broken up.

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