The best colour for your wing?

The colour of your wing can make a difference in terms of visibility. Brighter coloured wings are generally more visible than darker ones. In the case of an accident in a remote place, a brighter-coloured wing could increase the chances of being spotted by the emergency services.

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Flybubble update

We are accepting orders online, via email and over the phone, with a wide range of products in stock.

Please order on or email with details or phone 01273 812 442 during our open hours, Monday to Saturday, 09:00 to 17:30 UK time.

Our website shows live stock. We can order in non-stock products.

Wishing you all the very best and good health,

The Flybubble Crew

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Safety Note: Kortel T-Bone link

In randomized tests on the strength of T-Bones links, Kortel found a break at between 16 and 18KN. There is no immediate safety risk for solo use of T-Bone link harnesses/risers or even rescue/rescue risers. However, due to their non-compliance with the 24KN announced, Kortel are recalling and exchanging all T-Bone links delivered as a stand-alone product or with the Kruyer III since October 2019.

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Naviter Oudie 5 review

The Oudie 5 offers everything you need to fly at any level, including XC and competitions. It has a very bright screen with 100% touch screen interface. The Oudie 5 Pro is a big update on its predecessor. It has Electronic Conspicuity (FANET+) for the first time, a higher capacity battery, and a more advanced main processor board. In this review we provide an overview of the functions, a guide to setting it up and a report of our experiences with the Oudie 5 in flight.

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Safety Notice: Gin Gingo Airlite 4 + Verso 3

Early production models of the Gin Gingo Airlite 4 and Gin Verso 3 harnesses have been noted to have issues with the rescue handle being too short. This may cause the handle to work loose after prolonged agitation of the harness due to transportation or ground handling. To determine if your model is affected, please refer to the PDF which gives details of the recommended action.

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Safety Notice: Supair ACRO 4

Supair have identified an ACRO 4 harness with missing safety stitching. One of the shoulder webbings was not correctly sewn with the ventral cross strap, but only pre-glued before the automatic manufacturing phase. Although Supair perform two inspections of their harnesses, the procedures for the ACRO 4 were less rigorous before September 2019, so all ACRO 4 harnesses produced before September 2019 should be inspected!

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Safety Notice: Supair SORA 2 42

In two seperate incidents, A lines have separated in flight on the Supair SORA 42 tandem glider. While investigations are underway, Supair advises all pilots to stop flying this wing.

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The Flybubble Challenge 2019

The concept was to fly or hike around most of the Southern sites in a day, a 65km course that would be challenging for everyone. The forecast was for moderate northerly winds and good thermals. Carlo shares his insights from his winning route.

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Gin BONANZA 2 vs Niviuk ARTIK 4

I have enjoyed testing the Gin BONANZA 2, which is a modern reinforced Sports Class wing. For the last couple of years I have been flying my Niviuk Artik 4, which I know very well, so this is mainly a comparison between the two, to give a flavour of these two sports class gliders and an idea of how new wings have progressed in the past few years. Over the few weeks I had the Bonanza 2 I managed 25 flights ranging from 2-90 minutes and a total of 10 hours airtime over three different sites. These were in conditions varying from light to strong and thermic to soaring with a couple of short (17km) XCs.

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