1. How to get great slope landings

    How to get great slope landings

    Landing on the sloping side of a hill can be a very useful skill to have, to allow you to land when thermals pause, and relaunch when they return. Or perhaps there's no safe landing in the valley, and you need to put it in on the slope? With this simple, straightforward approach you can achieve a gentle touchdown.

  2. Skywalk Paragliders service info & FAQ

    Skywalk Paragliders service info & FAQ

    Service information and answers to some frequently asked questions about Skywalk Paragliders.

  3. Flybubble Crew

    Flybubble Crew

    The Flybubble Crew run the business and bring you the best freeflight gear. On the really epic days, you might find them chasing big dreams across the summer sky, but there's always someone on duty to serve you!

  4. Reserve Deployment Breakthrough!

    Reserve Deployment Breakthrough!

    Dr Matt Wilkes has produced an outstanding contribution to paragliding safety. Together with his many supporters, sports professionals, regulators and the team at the Thames Valley Club he ran a study on emergency parachute deployment during the annual reserve repacking event ... and reached some valuable conclusions about rescue systems and how to use them.

  5. Safety Notice: Gin Gingo Airlite 4 + Verso 3

    Safety Notice: Gin Gingo Airlite 4 + Verso 3

    Early production models of the Gin Gingo Airlite 4 and Gin Verso 3 harnesses have been noted to have issues with the rescue handle being too short. This may cause the handle to work loose after prolonged agitation of the...
  6. Safety Notice: Supair ACRO 4

    Safety Notice: Supair ACRO 4

    Supair have identified an ACRO 4 harness with missing safety stitching. One of the shoulder webbings was not correctly sewn with the ventral cross strap, but only pre-glued before the automatic manufacturing phase. Although Supair perform two inspections of their...
  7. Safety Notice: Supair SORA 2 42

    Safety Notice: Supair SORA 2 42

    In two seperate incidents, A lines have separated in flight on the Supair SORA 42 tandem glider. While investigations are underway, Supair advises all pilots to stop flying this wing.

  8. Using Tip Stalls to get down

    Using Tip Stalls to get down

    The tipstall (B3/C3) is a relatively new descent technique that not many pilots know about. It is an effective alternative to Big Ears, but only on some wings – it depends on the wing design. It relies on the outer B or C line stack being in just the right position to create a neat stall that gets swept back in the wind.

  9. How to do Big Ears safely

    How to do Big Ears safely

    Big ears: a flappy flight manoeuvre, misunderstood, maligned and even feared by beginners, this stalwart of the cloudbase regular is an essential skill for all pilots. Let’s strip it down to the basics, so you can tuck with confidence.

  10. Advance EASINESS 3 harness review (1)

    Advance EASINESS 3 harness review (1)

    The Advance EASINESS 3 is a lightweight reversible mountain paragliding harness/rucksack with split-legs design, and a removable EN/LTF-certified airbag with integrated reserve container under the seat. Amongst its competitors, the EASINESS 3 is surprisingly not the most expensive and one of the lightest, which is remarkable given the robust construction and refined appearance. It's only 2.3 kg in the M size: rucksack and harness. On your back it will make your paragliding kit appear to be as compact as a hiker's bag. But what's it like to use, down on the ground and up in the air? We put it to the test to find out...

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