I wanted to test myself against the desert. To travel by paraglider over the harshest part of South Africa, solo, self-supported. To feel like a bird. To be free. But the desert is dry, and ancient … and it doesn’t care.

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Sailing in the Sky (X-LAKES 2019)

The forecast was normal for the Lake District – in other words, dire warnings of rain and wind. But I’d arranged time off for the weekend and Team South partner Andy was up for a long drive, so we set off for The Flight Park in Keswick.

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Paragliding with a video camera (best gear)

Paragliding with a video camera can be challenging. How do you set it up for best results? What kind of camera should you use? Chase cam, 360 video or traditional GoPro helmet cam footage? I explore the options and best ways to paraglide with a video camera to get epic aerial filming and action sports videos that you'll be proud to show off.

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The Flybubble CONCEPT (Reversible limpid aerofoil)

The Flybubble CONCEPT will transform your time on the hill, it offers unrivalled fun, performance you just cannot compare with any known wing, safety that starts from the ground up, exceptional packing volume, light weight, and a unique cool factor. Your friends will be completely mystified. Get ahead of the pack.

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Bornes To Fly 2016 tactical review

A tactical review from the midfield by Greg Hamerton: I don't like jogging. My normal day involves 10 hours or so of sitting at a PC, interrupted by exciting moments of coffee and chocolate. Occasionally, if the weather's good, I'll go flying instead. So to even consider something like the Bornes To Fly, I knew I needed some body-conditioning. Then there was the unavoidable fact that my name appears on the XPYR entry list for July, along with Maurer, Durogati and Coconea.

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Day One: Travel Day

For the full widescreen XPYRIENCE, download the PDF VERSION >

Day One

I was following the classic X-Pyr route that runs the length of the Pyrenees from coast to coast, so I flew in to Bilbao then took the obvious bus to San Sebastian. The next link to Hondarribia was a bit trickier to find but was shown on an ordinary bus shelter timetable.

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XPYRIENCE Days Five-Seven

Day Five: Water, the essence of Life

Day 5 stats

Most of the trip, I’d been pleasantly surprised by plentiful fast flowing streams that looked OK to drink from. So I had been carrying less and less water, because it’s damn heavy.

But then I had that killer ascent in blistering heat, and despite taking my full 4L my water ran low.

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XPYRIENCE Gear review & Bonus Video

Bivi kit: what worked (and didn’t)


What worked

Advance Iota: simple, and lightweight for a standard production glider. Performed well in a wide range of conditions. Next time I’ll get an even lighter wing, it’s really worth it for bivi flying to reduce weight wherever possible.

Kolibri harness: swallowed up all gear and had room to spare.

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XPYRIENCE: A volbiv adventure

What's it like taking on the mountains with nothing but an aircraft that runs on air? Greg Hamerton attempts a solo traverse of the Pyrenees via paraglider and discovers the magnitude and magic of a road less travelled.

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Paragliding: Trying A New Angle

Flybubble's Greg Hamerton attempts an early season 50 km triangle from a small hill in the UK and gives insights into his thinking and tactics and inspires us with trying new things.

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