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  1. Skywalk ARAK paraglider review

    Skywalk ARAK paraglider review

    The Skywalk ARAK is aimed at the centre of the large EN B pilot target market, mid-way between the ‘low B’ Tequila 5 and the ‘high B’ Chili 4. Nancy Elliott flew the ARAK M in the winter (UK) and in varied conditions in Tenerife, and shares her experience. Light but durable, agile but calm, simple but efficient. Did they get the balance right?

  2. Advance IOTA 2 paraglider review

    Advance IOTA 2 paraglider review

    Paragliding review of the Advance IOTA 2 high B paraglider by Flybubble's Nancy Elliott, with additional 'bonus' input from Flybubble's Carlo Borsattino. Nancy and Carlo both know the original IOTA, and many other high B wings, very well, and between them flew the IOTA 2 for over 40 hours in varied conditions in the UK and Colombia before writing this review.

  3. Gin Explorer paraglider reviews

    Gin Explorer paraglider reviews

    The Gin Explorer is "a lightweight sports performance wing aimed at seasoned XC pilots who want to fly a wing that's comfortable, responsive and performant." Apparently, development of this wing began at the same time as the Gin Carrera, but as it pursued a lightweight philosophy, the design took another direction, and resulted in a lengthy development and testing phase. Flybubble's Carlo Borsattino and Nancy Elliott share their first impressions based on their experience on the wing in UK winter and spring conditions.

  4. Supair LEAF paraglider review

    Supair LEAF paraglider review

    Supair LEAF: first flights review (by Nancy Elliott)

    Many manufacturers these days have two wings in their range certified EN/LTF B: a 'low B' (Progression Class) wing catering for school-leavers, and a 'high B' (XC Class) wing for top performance. With the LEAF, Supair have aimed for the middle ground--'mid B' (Progression Class)--and designed a wing for everyday use in all conditions aimed at pilots who want flying to be simple and safe yet fun.

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