Alex Buck is an up-and-coming pilot from Kent, UK. He first experienced paragliding in 2010 on a tandem flight in the french Alps which later provided the initial motivation to learn with Flying Frenzy in Dorset. He lives in London and particularly enjoys hike and fly and cross country flying.

I love the overall feeling of adventure that is enabled from flying. I feel this every time I fly away from the hill, even if it's only a few km, and especially when doing hike and fly. Flying has allowed me to visit some amazing new places such as the Cauca Valley in Colombia and also see very familiar places on the ground from a completely different point of view. I have made some really good friends through flying and it's great to be able to share these experiences with them.

Club: primarily SHGC

Flying Since: 2013

Total Hours Flown: ~250

Best Distance: 120 km

Best Flight: 50km from St Vincent to St André

Favourite Site (World): Planfait

Favourite Site (UK): Magic / Brecon Beacons

Wing: Supair Taska

Harness: Supair Strike

Reserve: Companion SQR Light

Instruments: XC Tracer, XCTrack

Goal: To keep learning, challenging myself and progressively pushing my own limits. Also want to focus on taking part in more hike and fly competitions and exploring more of the Alps.

Links: You can find me on Instagram and Facebook  

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