Christmas gifts for lucky pilots

Not sure what to tell Santa when you sit on his knee this year? We proudly present, our new range of flight accessories, produced by Tryfly. We chose this gear because we like to use it ourselves.

Flybubble Speed Top

Fly like a pro with the Flybubble Speed Top, a stretchy outer layer which reduces wind drag and helps you look incredibly cool. The arms and waist are long, to assist with freedom of movement.

Flybubble Brummel Covers

Flybubble Brummel Covers
Accelerate safely with the Flybubble Brummel Covers, the best solution for those pesky Brummel hooks! This safety innovation prevents the Brummels from catching lines or disconnecting (as they are prone to do, from time to time, just when you don’t want them to). Very simple to slip on … and forever after your speed system connectors are safely covered. Also very quick and easy to slip off, when you want to separate the hooks again.

Flybubble Folding Bag

The best of both: a concertina bag and a compression bag! The Flybubble Folding Bag is very easy to use and will keep your wing in great condition. It helps to prevent mud and grit getting into the wing during packing, and when it is zipped up it makes a compact shape that is easy to carry with the handle. The double-skin fabric adds to the durability.

Flybubble Backpack Rain Cover

Get picked up fast with the Flybubble Backpack Rain Cover. It can be a real hassle walking with your thumb out, turning to face the traffic – let your bag do the talking. The ‘roadsign’ thumb gets the drivers thinking the right way. The bright colour helps you to stand out in poor light conditions so improves your roadside safety. It also offers rain protection and a hood. When you need it, you’ll be glad you packed it!

Flybubble Tube Scarf

Stay protected from the sun and wind with the Flybubble Tube Scarf. A comfortable, light and soft scarf, great for aerial cowboys (and girls) who like to have some protection from the wind or sun. Also doubles as a headscarf, a sweatband, a balaclava; whatever you want.

Flybubble Gift Voucher

Give the gift of flight with a Flybubble Gift Voucher. Let your friend choose what they want from a huge range of the most flying goodies! The recipient will be delighted to receive a smart gift voucher made out in their name.

More Christmas Gift ideas

There are many other Christmas Gift ideas on our website. Don’t leave it to the last minute! To stand any chance of arriving in time for Christmas, orders must be received before the last posting date for your destination.