Flight Stories

The Longest Line from Leckhampton

On 18 April 2014 (now known as Good Friday) Carlo set a new UK record for distance on an EN B wing, flying 182km (straight line) on his Gin Carrera from Leckhampton, a challenging site near Cheltenham.

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All Around The South Downs

Greg Hamerton went to Devils Dyke for a training flight. "For two years, the Foot or Fly course (linking all the Southern sites) has been a wind-up. I'd flown bits and pieces, walked all of it, and tried different start points, but never closed it. Only James Hope-Lang and his jammy legs had done it in a day, and there's no way I was going to run that far with that bag. But at last, I have solved the puzzle!" Here's how to do it >

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Flying Story: Winter At Cloudbase

I like to be prepared. When I got my heated gloves as a prize from Flybubble last August I stashed them in the glovebox of my car, so they were there, ready for a cold snap. I mean, if they are in the car, I can’t forget them, right?

I get to Crete Road (DFHGC) to find pilots in the air with good height; it looks a bit ‘up & down’ but hey!

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Low & Under from High & Over

The wind forecast was for light south easterlies, and the thermal forecast was looking good, so we went to SHGC flying site High and Over, near Seaford, hoping to fly and maybe even go XC.

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