Flying Safety

  1. Paragliding Skills: Improve Your Ground Handling

    Paragliding Skills: Improve Your Ground Handling

    Improving your ground handling skills is very important for paraglider pilots, both for your safety on the launch site, and for building your confidence before you fly. But where should you practice it, and what should you be trying to do? We offer some tips and a structured set of exercises to get you started on mastering your wing control.

  2. Boris and the Dust Devil

    Boris and the Dust Devil

    Flybubble crew member Boris Tyszko was attacked by a vicious dust devil this summer. He made a miraculous recovery and flew away. To understand what happened and how to avoid it, let’s investigate dust devils and this incident in more detail.

  3. How To Deploy Your Reserve Parachute

    How To Deploy Your Reserve Parachute

    When your paraglider collapses and you can't fix it, will you do the right thing? Get your thoughts in order with our quick guide to reserve parachute deployment: when to throw, an action plan, and case studies.

  4. Speed Riding Safety

    Speed Riding Safety

    With less predictable snowfall and increasing numbers of free riders year on year, it’s easy to see why the discipline of speed riding is gaining in popularity. It enables access to remote and “untracked” parts of the mountain that skiers and boarders can’t get to and it’s really easy to learn the basics if you’re a good skier or paraglider pilot.

  5. Attitude: Landing Area Etiquette (by Angus Pinkerton)

    Attitude: Landing Area Etiquette (by Angus Pinkerton)

    Do you have the right of way when you land? Will it save you from a collision? There are a few pilots who consider that because the rules of the air give them priority it is always other people who have the responsibility to get out of their way. But this is not true, either in flight, on approach, or in the landing area. All pilots share the ultimate responsibility to avoid collisions; the Rules of the Air help determine priority, but if the other party isn’t aware of your presence, or is unable to manoeuvre, no rule is going to help you. Angus Pinkerton (Chairman, BHPA's Flying & Safety Committee) takes a look at landing area conflicts and ways to manage them sensibly.

  6. Is Everybody OK? (by Steve Empringham)

    Is Everybody OK? (by Steve Empringham)

    Is it just me, or do some aspects of paragliding strike you as, well, just a bit abnormal?

  7. Safety: Managing the Mayhem

    Safety: Managing the Mayhem

    Team pilot Ruth Churchill Dower recounts a high altitude incident in the Himalaya. A sudden updraught led to a stall and cascade. Despite having two reserve parachutes, Ruth lost 1000ft trying to fix the wing and landed in a tailslide on a precipitous ridgetop perch, luckily mostly unscathed. It makes a cracking story, and there's a good deal to learn about managing mayhem and your personal reserve deployment throwing height.

  8. Paragliding Pod Harness Entry Tips

    Paragliding Pod Harness Entry Tips

    In this article, we share with you some tips on getting into a paragliding pod harness more easily. With practice, getting your legs and feet into your pod harness should be quick and easy. It's no good having to struggle to get in properly every time. As well as being frustrating, struggling to get into the speedbag (leg fairing) when you launch means you're not in control at a critical time, when you're near the ground, close to other pilots and possibly in need of your speedbar. Worse, you could end up accidentally activating the paraglider speed system, possibly asymmetrically, which is highly dangerous as it could result in a wing collapse at low level.

  9. Speed Flying Safety

    Speed Flying Safety

    Speed flying is flying FAST downhill. The concept has evolved from speed riding, the fast mountain descent under a speed glider launched on skis. Speed gliders are not simply scaled-down, mini-paragliders. Speedflying Safety Information from Gin Gliders: Speedflying is opening...
  10. Paragliding Incident Analysis: Paraglider Collapse and Reserve Ride

    Paragliding Incident Analysis: Paraglider Collapse and Reserve Ride

    When flying a spine-backed ridge in strong conditions, an experienced pilot suffered a wing collapse with a cravat and decided to deploy his reserve. He was blown over the crest of the ridge and landed hard. In this detailed analysis...

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