Paraglider Control

  1. Paraglider Control: Crosswind Launching

    Paraglider Control: Crosswind Launching

    A simple technique for handling a tricky situation - crosswind launches.

  2. Paraglider Control: Finding Your Stall Point

    Paraglider Control: Finding Your Stall Point

    Learning to fly slowly to extend your safety margin and improve your sensitivity to the stall point.

  3. Paraglider Control: Strong Wind Launching

    Paraglider Control: Strong Wind Launching

    When the wind is strong (over 20km/h on the ground) the wing generates a lot of power during the pullup. Here’s a simple technique for reducing the power and staying in control. This short article with images explains the basics of the technique step by step. The accompanying video at the end then demonstrates it. After that, it's up to you to practice, practice, practice!

  4. XC Secrets: Using Outer Brake

    XC Secrets: Using Outer Brake

    Turning in lift? Using outer brake can help you get a flat climbing turn with maximum climb rate.

  5. Paragliding "Low-airtime SIV" by Julian Rayner

    Paragliding "Low-airtime SIV" by Julian Rayner

    Having completed his basic paragliding training and qualified as a paraglider pilot through a BHPA paragliding school in the UK in the summer of 2005, Julian didn't yet feel very confident when flying. He was always conscious that, if anything went wrong, he had little clue and absolutely no practical experience of how to deal with it. He didn't understand what my glider was capable of doing and what its limits were. As a result he would fly in a state of tension, controlling the glider gingerly for fear of doing something which would cause him to fall out of the sky. Flying in this state of mind, he felt that I was exposing myself to more risk than he should. He wanted to feel safer.

    Someone suggested doing an SIV course and so he looked into it. He decided to go to Oludeniz in Turkey with Carlo Borsattino of Flybubble Paragliding. From what I'd heard, Oludeniz looked like the perfect place for SIV, with its good weather, high, nearby mountain and seaside location. And a number of people had told him that Carlo was one of the best instructors around. It didn't take long for him to realise that he'd made a good choice.

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