XC Secrets

Catching the Drift: Thermals and Wind

Holding on to a drifting thermal can be very challenging, but improving this skill can yield exponential gains in airtime. Due to their buoyancy, thermals want to rise straight up. At some point the prevailing wind will overcome this inertia and tilt the thermal column. The winds at different altitudes can vary in direction and strength. The thermals therefore follow a wandering tilted trajectory as they rise, which can be difficult to map in three dimensions.

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XC Secrets: How To Fly XC (On A Paraglider)

You don’t need a high-performance hotship. You don’t need to take crazy risks. You just need commitment, a little faith, and a wing you trust. And some of these tips…

Cross country (XC) flying is inspiring and adventurous. In its simplest form, you fly from one place to another. Because it’s so exciting when you achieve the impossible, it can be incredibly frustrating when you don’t.

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XPYR 2016 Flybubble Team report

The XPYR is a race along the length of the Pyrenees mountains, which divide Spain and France. It alternates with the RedBull X-Alps race for the title of toughest paragliding event of the year. Contestants must carry their paraglider (or fly with it). The course is 480 km, the race starts at 05:30 and ends at 22:30 every day, and lasts about a week. Flybubble Team Pilot Greg Hamerton supported by James Hope Lang competed in the 2016 edition.

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