Despite the significant challenges we've faced since early 2020—keeping us extremely busy nonstop, taking care of business—we've managed to not only to keep Flybubble Weather up and running—no mean feat in itself—but also bring significant updates and functionality upgrades. Here's a summary of some of the main improvements users can enjoy.

First, the most important—and challenging and time consuming—but least visible upgrade. To bring Flybubble Weather users even more reliable freeflight soaring forecasts, we took the plunge and created our very own Flybubble RASP (Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction) server. This turned out to be quite an undertaking! We also found out that, to cope with the massive amount of data processing involved, the level of required server is significantly more expensive than expected!

We've certainly noticed the difference, with significantly improved performance and fewer issues. We hope you have too.

Here's a snapshot of the Overview page—the Flybubble Weather homepage—at the time of writing.

Flybubble Weather overview 2021-09

Flybubble Weather is scheduled to collect and process RASP data twice a day. Generally we serve up a fresh flying forecast for you every morning (around 7am) and evening (around 7pm). So you know how current the data is, we've added the last updated date to the top fight of the page e.g. "Updated: 06:50 22-08-2021".

Updated - time and date stamp - Flybubble Weather

To help other pilots identify flyable sites, we added the ability to mark each site as currently being flown, and whether they're flying a paraglider or hang glider. On the site page click the blue 'Anybody flying?' button.

Anybody flying? - Flybubble Weather

We also added the facility to receive email notifications for each flying site. Go to the site page, click the 'Notifications' button and enter your email address to subscribe.

Notifications - Flybubble Weather

If any of the flying sites you've subscribed to are looking flyable that day, Flybubble Weather will send you a neat digest email with a full day forecast for each site, and links to each site page to quickly get more detail. 

It's looking flyable today email notification - Flybubble Weather

If someone reports someone is flying at any of the flying sites you've subscribed to, Flybubble Weather will send you an email notification for this too. For example:

Paraglider in the air at Mount Caburn - Flybubble Weather

You can unsubscribe from your notifications by clicking the link at the bottom of the emails you receive.

We've also integrated Tom Payne's XC Planner into Flybubble Weather, on both the overview page and flying site pages. Using this you can plan your XC on the map, with or without airspace or/and NOTAMs displayed.

XC Planner route - Flybubble Weather

We also added embeddable forecasts for club site pages so you can display Flybubble Weather on your website.

For example, for Devils Dyke near Brighton in the UK it looks like this:

If you're unsure how to use any part of Flybubble Weather see the instructions page (regularly updated).

So you can let us know what would help us create a better experience for you, we've also added a link for any feedback and suggestions.

Links to these, and important notes, can found in the footer of every page of Flybubble Weather.

Like everything we do, Flybubble Weather is made possible by a combination the efforts of the Flybubble crew and the pilots who choose to buy their gear from Flybubble.

We hope you enjoy—and get loads more airtime—using Flybubble Weather