Flymaster SD Series: New firmware with Airspaces & AGL

Flymaster SD Series: New firmware with Airspaces & AGL

Flymaster logoFlymaster have launched a new firmware version available for the Flymaster GPS SD, GPS SD+, NAV SD and LIVE SD flight instruments. With this new firmware installed these instruments are then capable of providing worldwide Airspaces and height Above Ground Level (AGL). Besides the firmware update it is also necessary to insert an SD card with some specific data files on it (containing the Airspaces and AGL data). To get this you can either:

1) Download the Airspaces and AGL data files and copy them on to an SD card (see instructions below); or
2) Purchase an SD Card with all the necessary Flymaster files on it here.

The complete procedure to have the new features is as follows:

1) Download the firmware from the download section of Flymaster's website.

2) Update the instrument with the new firmware using the Designer (see user manual).

3) Insert the SD card containing the necessary Airspaces and AGL data files into the instrument.

After executing the procedure above it is possible to use the AGL data field to see the altitude over ground, and airspaces will be available for the all world.

How to download the Airspaces and AGL data files

The total size of the Airspaces and AGL data files is 10.2 GB i.e. HUGE!! Due to the extremely high volume of data involved, Flymaster cannot use their website to distribute these files so they are using BitTorrent file sharing to do this. First download and install a BitTorrent client like uTorrent ( Download this file and open using your preferred BitTorrent client, which should then start downloading the necessary files. Note that this may take a very long time to do, and you may incur charges from your internet service provider, as the files are HUGE!

Once they've finished downloading, copy all the files to the root of a SD Card using the PC (the files cannot be copied directly to the SD card using the instrument). The SD card capacity should be greater than 10.2 GB (16 GB class 10 SD card is recommended).

If you have any doubts then please don't hesitate to email Flymaster support.