Accessories Reviews


Advance have now produced a concertina bag with compression built in, which comes with a few new features over the redesigned Tubebag Light. It’s very high quality with sturdy and precise manufacturing and the usual Advance attention to detail.

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Packing using a concertina bag helps to preserve your paraglider by protecting it from moisture and mud when packing, and keeping the leading edge section neatly folded. Gin produce an ultralight version, the Concertina Compress Bag, which Carlo tested during a flying trip to Colombia.

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Supair TREK Rucksack Review

Supair make several different sizes of the TREK rucksack, ranging from 35L to 160L. I used the 90L which is perfect for a lightweight harness and a semi-light medium wing. I tested it out over a two week trip in Colombia.

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XPYRIENCE Gear review & Bonus Video

Bivi kit: what worked (and didn’t)


What worked

Advance Iota: simple, and lightweight for a standard production glider. Performed well in a wide range of conditions. Next time I’ll get an even lighter wing, it’s really worth it for bivi flying to reduce weight wherever possible.

Kolibri harness: swallowed up all gear and had room to spare.

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