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Safety Notice: Kortel Kolibri harness

27/04/2015 Kortel Kolibri Harness rings

There is a potential problem on the forged rings of the Kolibri harness, which may break under load. The ring is not used in the main structure of the harness, it supports the lumbar and pelvic setting only.

For more details and serial numbers concerned, see the full safety notice.

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Syride SYS’NAV Instrument Review (by Greg Hamerton)

I first noticed the SYS’Nav after Andrew Craig’s review in Skywings Magazine. It’s easy to overlook this diminutive instrument because of its size and remarkably low price.

The more I used it, the more impressed I became. It leads the mid-range-instrument field, and threatens some of the high-end instruments too, offering a powerful navigation solution based on minimalism and simplicity.

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Safety Notice: Supair reserve handle

31/03/2015: Supair have issued a safety notice regarding extraction problems for the reserve parachute handle of the WALIBI² and EVASION² tandem harnesses, the recommended solution for which is also worth considering if you have long hook and loop fastener strips on your reserve handle system.

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Ozone Ozium Harness Review

Ozium First impression

It’s really light! The Ozium is not unusual in that respect as there are a number of sub 3kg pod harnesses on the market , but for me a saving of over 5kg against my previous harness  is impressive and I am really sold by this aspect. The weight (or lack of it) simply makes moving around whilst kitted up so much more graceful, not to mention saving my back from hefting around a very heavy kit bag.

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Kortel Kolibri Backpack Review

The Kolibri Backpack is designed for back country adventurers who need a lightweight backpack with good carrying structure and enough volume for bivouac gear. We think Kortel have done a fantastic job!

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Paragliders: Test Flights

How To Choose The Right Paraglider (Test Flights)


If you’ve followed the whole series, you’ll now have a good understanding of what you’re looking for when choosing a new paraglider: which class of wing suits you, how to interpret performance claims, where you should be in the weight range, how important handling is, and what true safety means.

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Paragliders: Safety

How To Choose The Right Paraglider (Safety)

What is a safe paraglider? It’s a wing that in all conditions:
  • you can control easily
  • doesn’t collapse often (with your input)
  • recovers fast for you

You’ve probably guessed it already: the biggest element of paraglider safety is the pilot.

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