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Naviter Oudie 3 review | Skywings magazine

Steve Uzochukwu reports (review courtesy of SkyWings Magazine |

Their Oudie 3 flight computer, flight planning and analysis tool for sailplane, paraglider and hang glider pilots runs on Windows as well as Android, iPhone and iPad devices. Naviter has been making the more sailplane-orientated Oudie for a while, but now in the Oudie 3 there is a dedicated free-flight instrument.

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Syride SYS’GPS review | SkyWings magazine

Andrew Craig reports on a new departure in flight instruments

As the number, size and complexity of free-flight instruments increases, it’s refreshing to find one that goes the other way. Syride’s SYS’GPS is much smaller than my old basic vario, but does a lot more.

Syride SYS'GPS

It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand; more relevantly, hook and loop fastener straps on the back allow you to attach it to your risers, a flight deck, or almost anywhere else.

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Sup’Air Safety Warning: Harness-Reserve Handles E2 & E2L

A few reserve parachute deployment handles on the following Sup'Air harnesses had a manufacturing defect: SKYPPER, EVO XC2, SHAMANE and SHAMANE FR. If you have one of these harnesses then you should download, read and act upon the full safety warning dated 15/04/2014 (see download link below).

If you think your reserve handle is one of the defective ones then you should contact the dealer you purchased your harness from to arrange for a replacement. Otherwise you can buy a new reserve handle.

Kudos once again to Sup'Air for being proactive about issuing safety notices!

Download safety warning (PDF 126KB)

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Rescue installation advice for GIN harnesses

Gin Gliders have become aware of that in certain test scenarios, deployment of a rescue parachute can become more difficult than in the static scenario used in the certification process. This is especially so with customers using non-Gin Gliders rescues with larger packing volumes.

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