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First Flight Review: Nova Mentor 3

Nova have refined their successful Mentor 2 with a new line plan, better shaped leading edge and new brake system. Greg Hamerton flew the Mentor 3 M (90-110kg) at 97kg in mild spring thermals on both light wind and strong wind days, and discovered the pros and cons of the new EN B wing.

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Advance Sigma 8 review

The Sigma 8 is supposed to be “a top-performance intermediate with a high fun-factor ... with sportiness and dynamic handling paired with performance”. In other words it’s intended for the majority of the kind of pilots that leave the hill and go exploring. We’ve been around a few years and we’ve seen the marketing hype before. We probably aren’t going to buy a wing without being outflown by it first, so it has to really deliver on its promises and be a pleasure to fly...

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