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  1. Swing Mistral 7 paraglider first flights review

    Swing Mistral 7 paraglider first flights review

    The Mistral 7 is Swing's latest high-end B wing designed for performance. We took it through its paces.

  2. Digifly Leonardo Pro flight instrument review

    Digifly Leonardo Pro flight instrument review

    A review of the Digifly Leonardo Pro

  3. Safety Notice: Supair Delight harness reserve extraction

    Safety Notice: Supair Delight harness reserve extraction

    Sup'Air have issued an safety warning for their Delight harness...

    Sup'Air DELIGHT harness

    We have noticed possible reserve parachute extraction issues on this model.
    The reserve parachute extraction can be influenced by multiple factors described as follows :

    • The reserve parachute's volume.

    • How fully packed the reserve parachute containers adjacent storage pockets are.

    • The direction the handle pull is pulled.

    Our tests and feedbacks by test-pilots have demonstrated that the extraction made with certain models was facilitated by using removable foam pads placed inside the reserve parachute pocket.

    You can contact your SUP'AIR dealer (who you bought your Delight harness from) or SUP'AIR FRANCE directly [email protected] to receive the reserve parachute container foam PADS free of charge.
    You absolutely must conduct an extraction sequence during a hang-test simulating a full flight mode ( storage pocket filled with your backpack, clothing and miscellaneous items… ).

    We will ask to all DELIGHT owners to install those removable pads if necessary to validate a correct reserve parachute extraction procedure.

    Download the Safety Warning (PDF, 634KB)

  4. Nova Mentor 3 paraglider review (first flights)

    Nova Mentor 3 paraglider review (first flights)

    Nova have refined their successful Mentor 2 with a new line plan, better shaped leading edge and new brake system. We took the new Nova Mentor 3 out for a spin...

  5. Advance Sigma 8 review

    Advance Sigma 8 review

    The Sigma 8 is supposed to be “a top-performance intermediate with a high fun-factor ... with sportiness and dynamic handling paired with performance”. In other words it’s intended for the majority of the kind of pilots that leave the hill and go exploring. We’ve been around a few years and we’ve seen the marketing hype before. We probably aren’t going to buy a wing without being outflown by it first, so it has to really deliver on its promises and be a pleasure to fly...

  6. Skywalk have issued a non-critical safety notification regarding the sticky tape on some of their gliders. Only a few gliders are actually affected by this but anyway we throught it would be a good idea to inform all of our...
  7. Gin Gliders Safety Notice #003. We (Gin Gliders) strongly advise you to not fly in the rain on the Gin Boomerang GTO and Gin Boomerang 7. These high performance gliders are very susceptible to deep stall in the rain. The development...
  8. Subject: Paraglider harness Bix DHV GS-03-0246-01 Date 21.06.2010 During a test release of the reserve parachute a harness defect was noted which prevented deployment of the inner container. Investigations revealed that the splint attachment hole (circled in the photo) became...
  9. We have received the following important and urgent safety notice from Supair regarding their light quick release buckles... Supair Safety Notice 3 Publication date : August 6th 2008 Priority : High LOCKING MECHANISM ISSUES WITH THE QUICK RELEASE BUCKLES LIGHT...
  10. It has come to our attention that a small number of pilots have experienced difficulty in deploying their reserve parachutes during test deployments using Supair AltiX and Evo XC harnesses (later designs). The white nylon braided cord attached to the deployment pins has become entangled between the hook and loop fastener flaps over time making the force required to release the pins excessive.

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