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  1. Skywalk BREEZE paragliding harness review

    Skywalk BREEZE paragliding harness review

    This modern semi-reclined harness features an inflatable crash protection, which helps to reduce the weight and makes the packing size tiny. It has an integrated reserve pocket, split leg support (without a seatplate) and a lot of storage space in the rear pocket. What makes it really unique is the modular approach that allows you to zip off the protector and reserve and reveal an ultralight mountain harness.

  2. Advance OMEGA XALPS 3 paraglider review

    Advance OMEGA XALPS 3 paraglider review

    Featuring a minimal line set, simple risers with carbon fibre handles, and those tiny trademark winglets, this is a 2 liner with a flat aspect ratio of 6.95 that weighs only 3.5kg! That would have been enough, but Advance has worked on this wing to make it shine. You can tell on the ground that it is exceptional. What other two-liner can you float up from low angles in light wind, put on a tip and bring back on the brakes, start from a ball, and generally play around on the slope with? It is an absolute pleasure to handle on the ground, with the only slightly demanding characteristic being the tendency to shoot ahead when coming up.

  3. Supair ALTIRANDO LITE paragliding harness review

    Supair ALTIRANDO LITE paragliding harness review

    The Supair ALTIRANDO LITE is aimed at Progression Class pilots (typically flying EN A or EN B) who want the security and simplicity of a traditional upright harness but are wanting to make their kit light and compact. It features a split-leg support system and a seat plate. The harness reverses to form a backpack, and it inflates in the air to give you certified airbag back protection that appears large and effective.

  4. Triple Seven Q-LIGHT paraglider review

    Triple Seven Q-LIGHT paraglider review

    As an experienced hike-and-fly enthusiast, a lightweight C is something I am interested in, so I was excited to receive the Q-LIGHT for testing. Triple Seven say “The Q-light is the ideal tool for long, difficult hike&fly adventures in remote mountain areas. It has a high passive safety level in combination with performance that is way out of its class.”

  5. The new King of Miniwings?

    The new King of Miniwings?

    Miniwings for high wind soaring are one of my personal obsessions and I spare no effort in finding the worlds best. I live in Auckland, New Zealand with large picturesque sea cliff and conditions that are often strong, laminar and superb for high wind soaring/speedflying. This is unusual in the world, so we are lucky and constantly looking for better miniwings to give us more fun in our smooth 20-45km/hr coastal winds.

  6. Nova MENTOR 6 paraglider review

    Nova MENTOR 6 paraglider review

    It’s only two years since I reviewed the Mentor 5 (and the Mentor 4, 2 years before that). NOVA have a regular release schedule and are bang on target with this update, ‘A sports intermediate for cross-country and fun flying’. Has the reliable stalwart of the ‘high B’ class changed much?

  7. Phi MAESTRO paraglider review

    Phi MAESTRO paraglider review

    The Phi MAESTRO is designed for recreational pilots with some experience who want to excel at cross country flying or are looking for a wing with feeling and feedback. It’s what we call a ‘high B’ or B+ for short, which means it passes the standard EN-B certification tests, but requires more piloting skill to fly when compared to something like the Phi Tenor.

  8. Skytraxx Beacon (flight alarm and tracker)

    Skytraxx Beacon (flight alarm and tracker)

    The Skytraxx Beacon is an Electronic Conspicuity (EC) device designed to alert other aircraft to your presence, and to record your flights in IGC file format. It looks very simple, with just an On/Off switch, two LED indicators and a micro USB port. The two LEDs cover charging and status. The charging port is used by a large number of smartphones, and a charger used for them can be used on the Beacon.

  9. Gin Leopard paraglider review (EN-D 2-liner)

    Gin Leopard paraglider review (EN-D 2-liner)

    As well as it's spots, The leopard (Panthera pardus) is distinguished by its opportunistic hunting behaviour, strength, and its ability to adapt to a variety of habitats including arid and mountain areas. It can move at speeds of up to 58 kilometres per hour (36 mph). Phil Clark takes delivery of his Gin Leopard (high-end EN-D 2-liner) and takes to the skies.

  10. Skytraxx 2.1 Flight Instrument Review

    Skytraxx 2.1 Flight Instrument Review

    The Skytraxx 2.1 is a small flight instrument with extensive capabilities. As a mid-priced unit it is aimed at the ambitious cross country pilot, offering classic altivario displays and all the essential data that comes with an integrated GPS: groundspeed, wind (thermal drift), tracklog trail and a moving map showing nearby waypoints and airspace. The design of this instrument matches the needs of a broad range of pilots. Greg Hamerton investigates the ups and downs.

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