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High Adventure Itsy Bitsy Touch Gloves Reviews

“Great for paragliding, maybe not for outer space…” What are the new three season gloves from High Adventure really like?

Trevor reports: “I fly (badly) in Norway, and after melting my fingers flying in various gloves, I decided to go all in and spend the money on the Touch. I bought the size 10, which was a good fit for me and if you are a flight instrument / screen junkie, then you will get on with these gloves.

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Adding tasks to Oudie (Paragliding)

Adding tasks to the Oudie for paragliding is relatively easy, once you know how. Since every pilot thinks differently, Naviter have designed the Oudie to be flexible, often with more than one way to do things, so that each individual can choose their preferred method. For example, there are various methods by which tasks can be added and activated on the Oudie. This article outlines a few of these.

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Volirium P1 vario review – first impressions (Phil Clark)

The P1 aims to cover the usual all-in-one functionality we've come to expect from alti-vario-GPS devices in that they tell you where you are, how fast your position is changing, in which direction you're travelling, and - hopefully - help you make better decisions on where to go next! So, how does the P1 do? Phil Clark gives his first impressions.

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The Loft Paraglider Servicing and Repair

The Loft is a well-known paraglider repair and service centre based on the South Coast of England that’s been going since 1998, they repair wings, harnesses and even kite surfing equipment. For a lot of UK pilots, a season isn’t complete without using their services, so I went along to Newhaven to learn a little more about the company, the man behind it, and what goes into servicing a wing.

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Woody Valley X-Rated 7 (Competition Harness Review)

The X-Rated 7 is Woody Valley's top-of-the-range comp harness. It has 'All the Mod Cons' with many amazing features packed into a surprisingly low weight. The XR7 is very well put together, you can tell just by looking at it that the build quality is exceptional.

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Compression Packing: Keep Your Paraglider Flat

There are many methods to pack up a wing; this is the one that I use all the time. I like super-light, super-simple. So although concertina bags are very useful, especially for competition gliders and gliders with lots of reinforcing, I’ll show you a method you can use if you don’t want a concertina bag or haven’t got it with you.

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Syride SYS’NAV V3 Review (Dickon Walker)

The SYS’Nav V3 is a mid-range flight instrument aimed at competition and cross country pilots, sitting in the Syride range under the full graphical display SYS’Evolution, and above the SYS’GPS. I’m coming to review the SYS’Nav having used the SYS’GPS instrument for the last couple of years and finding it to be excellent at what it does.

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Advance LIGHTBAG review

The Advance Lightbag is a small rucksack made of wing material which weighs just 52 grams. There are a few pieces of paragliding equipment that I wouldn’t leave home without and this is one of them.

If you plan on going cross country, you’re going to be walking sooner or later (unless you have a very reliable retrieve driver in your life) and the more comfortable the walk is, the less ground-suck you will feel when passing over that convenient train station.

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Flytec Element Alto review

Flytec have created the Element Alto for leisure paraglider and hang glider pilots who want a simple, robust and reliable vario with essential functionality only. On the outside it is based on the proven Flytec design with an extremely tough housing, high-contrast monochrome LCD screen and tactile, glove-friendly buttons. On the inside it features simplified internal electronics by Naviter combined with signature Flytec-quality vario and tone.

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