Paraglider Reviews

Skywalk POISON X-ALPS Review

The Poison X-Alps seems to have a dual purpose: with a 'semi-light construction' it is aimed mainly at adventurous XC pilots while also hoping to attract pilots from hike-and-fly racing. Based on the wing Paul Guschlbauer and Stephan Gruber used in the Xalps 2015 (Skywalk Xalps 2), it has an impressive pedigree. Within the lightweight Performance Class, it has a philosophy of 'slightly heavier, slightly bulkier, more performance' construction, shared by the Gin GTO2 and Ozone's LM6. But with 80 cells and mini-ribs all along the trailing edge, the Poison X-Alps shows the greatest dedication to reducing drag.

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Niviuk ROLLER mini wing paraglider review

The Niviuk ROLLER is a mini wing designed to extend your flying range into high wind soaring, beyond what you can safely fly in using a standard sized paraglider. What is the handling like? And what kind of pilot is it really suitable for? We took the Flybubble demo wings out for some extensive testing.

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Niviuk PEAK 4 Review

The PEAK 4 (EN D) replaces the PEAK 3 in Niviuk's range and fits squarely in the Performance Class, below the Competition Class Icepeak 8 (CCC) and above the Sports Class Artik 4 (EN C).

It's intended for pilots who are wanting to do competitions or big competitive XC but don't want the full-on concentration required to keep a high-maintenance hotship flying in cracking conditions.

It also offers a unique stepping stone as an 'entry level' 2-liner for pilots unfamiliar with the handling of this recent design innovation.

Greg Hamerton tested the PEAK 4 >

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Niviuk PEAK 4 Review

Niviuk PEAK 4 review - thermaling

Staying ahead of the game … the rain squalls were at my back for the first 50km, but as I was pressing on downwind they couldn’t catch up to me.

The PEAK 4  (EN D) replaces the PEAK 3 in Niviuk’s range and fits squarely in the Performance Class, below the Competition Class Icepeak 8 (CCC) and above the Sports Class Artik 4 (EN C).

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Advance EPSILON 8 paraglider review

The Advance EPSILON 8 is a recreational 'mid' EN B wing, intended for pilots with a year or more of flying experience but who still want security and simplicity in their flying. It comes in above the entry-level Alpha 6 and below the high-performance Iota. Greg Hamerton tested the wing in varied conditions, including a 100 km XC flight. 

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Supair LEAF paraglider review

Supair LEAF: first flights review (by Nancy Elliott)

Many manufacturers these days have two wings in their range certified EN/LTF B: a ‘low B’ (Progression Class) wing catering for school-leavers, and a ‘high B’ (XC Class) wing for top performance. With the LEAF, Supair have aimed for the middle ground–‘mid B’ (Progression Class)–and designed a wing for everyday use in all conditions aimed at pilots who want flying to be simple and safe yet fun.

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Gin Sprint 3 paraglider reviews

The Sprint 3 is Gin's new EN B paraglider, with an aspect ratio of 5.7, sitting between the Atlas and Carrera+ in their paragliding wing range. Flybubble's Carlo Borsattino flew the size M in punchy conditions. "It feels very solid and more like a higher aspect Atlas, than a lower aspect Carerra. It moves in a unified block. Easy launching, firm controls, moderate top speed but lots of accessible performance." Flybubble team pilot John Turczak flew the size L on the same day. "Entering thermals, once you bank the wing it moves very easily into them. The wing feels like it wants to be in the thermal." Read Carlo and John's reviews of the Gin Sprint 3 paraglider.

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Nova ION 4 paraglider reviews

The Ion 4 is Nova's new entry level EN B glider. It's suitable for talented beginners, but most pilots will enjoy its superb performance to safety ratio. With its lightweight concept it should also be a hit with the Hike & Fly market and those who just want a lighter pack. It can be ordered with student risers or with a speedbrake riser (for XC pilots wanting to steer on the rear risers without affecting the camber and spoiling performance). Greg and Simon at Flybubble tested the Ion 4 out. Read their reviews here.

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Niviuk Hook 4 Review

Niviuk says “The docile and intuitive character of this new model brings full awareness in flight, handling ease and provides the means to progress in all phases of flight with peace of mind.”

What does this mean, in the real world?

The Progression Class is full of exceptional modern wings designed to appeal to low airtime pilots.

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Advance Pi 2 Reviews

The Pi was an astounding design but some aspects kept it limited to being mainly a mountain wing. Advance have learned from the first project. Have they perfected the concept in the Pi 2?

It has some impressive characteristics and surprising performance. Instead of a bomb-proof wing for quick descents, our reviewers found a fully developed paraglider, capable of XC flying.

Greg Hamerton: "I kept looking up and thinking, how is it doing that?" 

Phil Clark: "You get the feeling it's put together with precision and finesse."

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