Paraglider Reviews

Advance ALPHA 6 paraglider review (Carlo Borsattino)

The Advance Alpha 5 was an outstanding first wing that took beginners well beyond the school environment. The updated design boasts less weight, fewer lines and double 3D shaping at the leading edge that is bound to give it more performance. The Alpha 6 also promises 'air scoop technology' that increases the stall resistance when flying slowly. With all these improvements, is it still suitable for training? Does it meet the needs of adventurous beginners and recreational pilots?

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Advance OMEGA XALPS review

Like many paraglider pilots, I’ve been a big fan of the Red Bull X-Alps ever since the event launched in 2003 (with only 17 participants and a small audience). This incredible hike and fly race embodies much what I love about paragliding: a wonderful light flying machine that fits in a bag, which allows you to launch into unknown adventures, and challenges you to make the most of the day’s given conditions.

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Sports Class Paragliders: Big XC? No hotship required!

You don't have to fly a hotship to achieve great flights! Although having more performance helps, you don't have to fly a Performance Class or Competition wing to achieve your Big XC dreams. The gliding and climbing ability of the modern Sports Class (mid EN C) is now remarkable!

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XPYRIENCE Gear review & Bonus Video

Bivi kit: what worked (and didn’t)


What worked

Advance Iota: simple, and lightweight for a standard production glider. Performed well in a wide range of conditions. Next time I’ll get an even lighter wing, it’s really worth it for bivi flying to reduce weight wherever possible.

Kolibri harness: swallowed up all gear and had room to spare.

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Nova Mentor 4 Review

Nova Mentor 4: First Flight Review (by Greg Hamerton)

The Mentor 4 is an update of the Mentor series which dominated the XC class for a long time. It gets its performance from being very steady in the air – it doesn't roll, shows limited tendency to yaw, and pitches only slightly as it moves through turbulence.

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Gin GTO 2 paraglider reviews (first impressions)

The GTO 2 from Gin Gliders is a lightweight wing with a high aspect ratio, built for performance. Designed for both hike-and-fly racers and adventurous XC pilots, it is a 3-lined design that should prove to be more forgiving and versatile than some of the recent 2-liner EN D wings. Not to mention that it's unbelievably light! We were keen to get our hands on one and test it out. We don't do exhaustive testing for our First Impressions series: as soon as we've flown it, we let you know!

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