Get more flying videos and see behind the scenes

Today we launch our PATREON page! You can join to see behind the scenes in the Flybubble Channel. Empower our creative team to produce more awesome flying videos, while learning  about freeflight filming.

We’ve had many requests for film-making tips (like that floating camera angle we introduced in the latest videos): this is where we can provide them! All members will get access to the regular tips and tricks posted as videos are produced.

For the second tier of members, there’ll be a monthly Director’s Commentary version of one of our latest releases, where you can learn about the technical aspects of shooting and the fun stories behind the camera. The higher level membership gets your name in the video, special requests and the ability to choose what comes next.

Membership is totally optional, it’s designed for those of you who really love the work we do and want to support our video projects. If you can’t afford it, we understand! You’ll still be able to enjoy our free videos on the Flybubble Channel. But for pilots who choose to become Patrons, Fellows or even Collaborators, there’s a whole lot of fun coming your way.

Don’t miss out!

Check out our PATREON page.