Greg Hamerton (Flybubble Crew)

Greg has been flying paragliders since 1992. He ran a busy school in South Africa before moving to the UK in 1997, where he instructed with Carlo before leaving to compete on the Paragliding World Cup circuit. He has over 2500 hours airtime and has flown over 200 wings in the course of writing reviews.

Greg specialised in SIV training (extreme manoeuvres) and teaching tandem pilots. He holds a UK record for tandem flying (Out & Return, 2014). He enjoys cross country flying and has had many unforgettable journeys in South Africa. He’s also a volbiv or ‘fly and camp’ enthusiast, comfortable exploring remote landscapes with his paraglider and a bag of nuts.

Greg wrote a paragliding novel, a guidebook for South Africa and published the Best Flying Sites of the Alps. He maintains the busy Flybubble Youtube Channel where he shares the team’s accumulated knowledge and adventures.

Flying since: 1992

Total hours flown: 2500+

Best distance: 254 km

Best flight: setting the site record from a new site near Cape Town on my favourite glider. This flight had everything: a tricky escape from the hill in light conditions, the liberation of getting high and gliding far, big cliffs, solitude, tricky transitions and gliding puzzles, linking up old favourite sites along the way, gliding into new terrain, some soft evening ridge soaring and a gentle landing in a secluded hollow, below a relaunch for the next day on a spontaneous bivi. Perfect!

Favourite site (World): the one I haven’t flown yet (although I’m tempted to say Zillertal, it’s just spectacular).

Favourite site (UK): Devils Dyke because it’s 30 minutes away

Wing: Advance SIGMA 10

Harness: Supair Strike

Reserve: High Adventure Beamer 3 Light

Instruments: Syride SYS’Nav V3

Goal: Bag some more UK records and bivi the length of the X-Alps route

Why do I fly/what does flying mean to me? Adventure, and because up there I can see forever, and it feels as if I might be able to fly there too…




Best Flying Sites