John Turczak is an experienced pilot from Sussex and is the Chief Coach of the Southern HG Club. 

I am a bit of a big kid at heart and still find the fact that I can fly a somewhat fantastic thing. I enjoy being in the air and experiencing a truly amazing activity that is fun, challenging and sometimes completely frustrating. It keeps me very active physically and mentally. I love the continual learning about new things and the joy of flying with others.

Club: SHGC

Flying Since: Passed CP in January 2010

Total Hours Flown: 900

Best Distance: 100 km

Best Flight: Milk Hill to Milton keynes

Favourite Site (World): Bir

Favourite Site (UK): Devils Dyke

Wing: Niviuk Artik 4

Harness: Advance Lightness 2

Reserve: Beamer 3

Instruments: Oudie + Syride Sys'Nav

Goal: keep on enjoying flying. It is hard to think of anything better than coring a thermal, chasing some bird of prey up to cloud base!

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