Links Directory

Directory of freeflight related weblinks.

Weather : General(17 links)
Main and general weather websites.
Weather : Synoptic Weather Charts(7 links)
Synoptic weather charts showing pressure systems, isobars, weather fronts, troughs etc.
Weather : UK Gliding & Aviation(14 links)
Weather forecasts for gliding, ballooning and general aviation in the United Kingdom.
Weather : Satellite & Soundings(7 links)
Satellite images: Polar, Geostationary, Visible, Radar, Infrared etc. Soundings, Tephigrams, SkewT, Upper Air Soundings etc.
UK AWS & Webcams(17 links)
Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) and Webcams around the United Kingdom.
Flight Associations(5 links)
Paragliding, Hang Gliding and Aviation Associations & Federations.
Paragliding Media(6 links)
Freeflight Magazines, Online Web Portals, Web Forums, Directories etc
UK Freeflight Clubs, Competitions & Events(10 links)
Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Paramotoring, Powered Paragliding (PPG), SPHG, FLPA and other Free Flight Clubs, and Competitions, Events, Cross Country Leagues etc, in the United Kingdom.
UK Aeronautical Info & General Aviation(4 links)
UK Aeronautical Information & Air Traffic Services, NOTAMs etc. UK Microlights, Ultralights, Private Light Aircraft, PPL etc.
Recommended Webs(6 links)
Other Recommended Paragliding and Free Flight Related Websites
Sussex and UK general information(17 links)
Some useful local Sussex and UK general information websites
Sussex Accommodation(8 links)
Here is a list of some local accommodation (B&Bs, Self Catering, Camping and Youth Hostels) options to help you find somewhere to stay during your paragliding course. We cannot guarantee how up to date this list is, nor recommend one over another.