Michelle Hamackova (Flybubble Crew)

Michelle is from the Czech Republic, from a town called Pilsen (beer lovers will know the name).
She started skiing at 2 years old and later became a ski instructor. “I love cycling, swimming and other outdoor sports. I moved to England in 2007 when I was 18 years old, to finish my A-levels in UK. I studied Contemporary Dance and Drama.”
Michelle joined Flybubble in October 2016 and has since become passionate about learning to fly. “I want to become a safe, confident and skillful pilot. I’ve been tandem flying with Nancy and Carlo. I can see there is a lot to learn about the weather and safe flying conditions. I would like to be a bird, so I’ve been reading paragliding books and watching flying DVD’s before my ground handling training sessions. Being in the office at Flybubble HQ means I have been exposed to all the latest freeflight equipment and I have learned a lot (I’ve also become an expert paraglider packer!)” 
“My role here in Flybubble is to be friendly, professional and supportive towards the staff and our lovely customers.”