Naviter Oudie 3 all-in-one flight instrument

Naviter Oudie 3 all-in-one flight instrument

Flybubble have been appointed sole UK distributors of Naviter's new Oudie 3 flight instrument, an all-in-one Alti-Vario and GPS navigation device for paragliding and hang gliding.

Naviter are a European based IT company developing software and hardware for sailplane, paraglider and hang glider pilots worldwide. They are already well known in the gliding world for their SeeYou flight planning and analysis software. Their other products include SeeYou Mobile, ConnectMe, Soaring Spot and Oudie flight instruments.

Oudie 3

Featuring an extremely sensitive and accurate altimeter and vario, and aviation grade GPS, the Oudie 3 has a sunlight readable 5" colour TFT LCD 16:9 touch screen, which can be used in either portrait or landscape mode, optimized for use with gloves. It has a long-lasting high-power 9600 mAh battery, giving more than 12 hours use. The Oudie 3 is easy to use, lightweight (350 gr), compact (135 x 86 x 25 mm) and works right out of the box; no setup required.


The Oudie has an 11,500 MHz ARM processor, 128 MB RAM and 8 GB built-in Flash giving practically unlimited flight storage. Regarding connectivity, it comes with USB 2.0, Active Sync, a micro SDHC card slot, 3.5 mm headphone jack, wired serial port and Bluetooth.


The Oudie 3's software, SeeYou Mobile fully supports the needs of XC and competition paraglider and hang glider pilots. The optional Thermal Assistant analyses the thermal and makes additional audio and visual suggestions to help you get centred in the best lift more quickly. Airspace is clearly displayed in colour on the Oudie 3's large screen. Airspace navigation is further aided by helpful info boxes, as well as optional visual and audio warnings and alarms which can be easily disabled in flight. Flight optimization is done according to Online Contest rules, with full support for FAI triangles and competition tasks (Race to Goal, Elapsed Time).

Ready to fly!

The Oudie 3 is delivered ready-to-fly with the latest version of SeeYou Mobile. Vector maps for the whole world are pre-installed (topographical data, ground elevation data, cities, rivers, lakes, roads, etc). Airspace files for much of the world are also pre-installed. Software updates are free and easy.


Oudie 3 is delivered with Protective case, Getting started manual, Car charger, Wall charger with 4 exchangeable plugs, USB cable, hook and loop fastener, SeeYou software trial CD, Naviter stickers and one year manufacturer's warranty.


Naviter: "While SeeYou is very well known and widely used in Hang gliding and Paragliding community SeeYou Mobile never really soared with paragliders or hang gliders. Those who have tried liked it but using PDAs in paragliding cockpits is simply a no-go due to the complexity of using external batteries, cables and flimsy connectors. We were therefore approached by a very enthusiastic and young group of paraglider pilots who almost twisted our arms to start working on a paragliding-specific project. After lots of test flying and discussing how the features should work Oudie 3 has been created – the “All in one, turn it on and fly” solution. We are proud to report that it was accepted as enthusiastically within the free flying community as Oudie 2 amongst sailplane pilots. Much of the development at Naviter is now focused on the free flight market where the challenges of software and haradware development are very different compared to gliding."

What pilots say about Oudie 3: 

Charles Cazaux, current World Champion with Team France and overall vice World Champion: "Oudie 3 is the device I was looking for. A very nice Variometer and a complete GPS with all the information I need to make top performance in Competition and Cross Country. Easy setting of the task, a nice screen and unlimited settings to create your own page. I like it!"

Michael Sigel, Swiss League pilot and top competition pilot: "Whether I use it for competitions or for XC-flights, the Oudie 3 is a really good instrument. Light weight, easy to handle and with a long lasting battery. Software and device are of very high quality and that's the reason why I recommend Oudie 3 to friends!"

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