Naviter tops the Paragliding World in 2016

It was another great year for Naviter and their paragliding team pilots! 

Oudie 4 & Oudie 4 Basic

In Spring 2016, Naviter released two brilliant new flight instruments. The Oudie 4, for ambitious paraglider pilots who want it all. The Oudie 4 Basic, for those who don’t require paragliding competition functionality. Both instruments benefit from new improved vario and wind calculation. These are assisted by inertial sensors: gyros, accelerometers and magnetometers. A software upgrade is available for the Oudie 4 Basic which gives you all the features of an Oudie 4.

SeeYou & TopMeteo

Then they integrated TopMeteo weather forecasts into their SeeYou flight planning and analysis software. This new feature helps cross country pilots choose the right day for XC flying. It also helps them make the most out of the flying day.

Naviter & Flytec together

Later in the year they also became owners of the oldest and largest brand of freeflight instruments, Flytec. This expanded their range of instruments to include the entry level Element Speed and intermediate Element Track. They also gained a nice range of new flight instrument accessories.

Naviter Paragliding Team

Naviter team pilots won many races and championships – congrats to them all! Among those one pilot really stands out: shooting star, World Champion and world record holder, Honorin Hamard. For all of his adventures, Honorin relies on his Oudie. One of his world records is the most amazing 300 km FAI Triangle in the French Alps. An achievement which was until recently considered impossible. It’s a flight that even many sailplane pilots would be proud of! Here’s more.

Dreaming of Big Flights in 2017!

Finally, Jost, Jasmina, Andrej and the whole Naviter team send all pilots a happy end of year message: “Enjoy the winter. Dream big. We wish you a great Christmas, Happy New Year and safe flights to the lucky ones flying!”

Find out more about Naviter and Flytec flights instruments range here.