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Happy New Year! The January edition is here, to bring you good cheer.

After all those festive balloons have deflated, it may feel as if 2016 is sort of rushing up towards you, in a scary kind of way.

Well never fear, here's a digital reserve parachute that deploys with one click: a sudden jolt of flying ephemera that will soften your fall into the sofa, and who knows, may even inspire you to check the clouds speeding over the shivering trees.

Not flyable yet? Oh well, let's pretend ...

The Stuff that XC Dreams are made of...

^ 10am 31st July 2015, UK. The start of an epic XC day. Best flight 244km, 7hrs.


World News

There's been some big distance action in Australia, where Seiko Fukuoka may have set new female world records for distance via three turnpoints (378km track), a flight to a declared goal (366km) and straight distance (402km).

Seiko Fukuoka new female world records in Australia (tbc)

Charles Casaux may have set a new world record for free distance via three turnpoints (476km track) which would be an Australian record for straight distance too (451km).

Both are subject to ratification by the FAI.

Skywalk expedition to Namibia

Skywalk's expedition to Namibia was a success, they bagged two German records: gain of height (3847m) and speed around 25km FAI triangle (30.9km/h), and also completed 200km Out and Return flights, flights to altitude, and 220km to the Botswana border.


Advance Test Centre

Flybubble is an official Advance Test Centre: we have all their wings and harnesses in stock for you to try out, in various sizes. Yes, the entire range! We also stock all their bags, accessories and most Advance clothing.

Find out more >

Flybubble official Advance Test Centre



Carlo and Nancy attended the BHPA Parachute Conference in Derby to find out the latest developments. Here's a quick report.

BHPA Emergency Parachute Seminar 2015

They also attended a refresher BHPA Club Coach course run by BHPA's Dave Thompson backed by new Flying & Safety Committee recruits Ian Currer and Mark Shaw.

Whilst the fundamental principals of coaching haven't changed much over the years it was good to refresh the concepts and find out about the BHPA's forthcoming pilot development program, aimed at post-CP coaching.


Advance LIGHTNESS 2 reviews

After a full season of thorough testing, we review the Advance LIGHTNESS 2, a lightweight pod harness for cross country enthusiasts.

Advance Lightness2 review video


Customer Reviews

Real insight from real pilots!

Icaro Solar X
Icaro Solar X

"A very comfortable and stable helmet - I'm even growing to love the vibrant lizard green colour scheme! Nancy was extremely knowledgeable about the product and helped me to configure it with the appropriate Microavionics headset; Flybubble have a great arrangement with Microavionics and they send your helmet to them directly for the headset to be fitted by the experts - they in turn despatch it directly to you at no extra charge." -- Jules

Advance Success 3

Advance Success 3

"The Flybubble team sorted out my harness, fitting my speedbar, stirrup and reserve and delivering the next day. My initial impressions of the harness is that it does everything that Advance claims in their sales pitch. I am delighted. Responsive and comfortable and made to the highest standard." -- Pat

Flytec 6030
Flytec 6030

"The Flytec is still probably the best choice for hang-gliding XC in the UK with good but not too complicated airspace detection. It now handles over 300 way points. Nancy and the rest of the team are really helpful and excellent service, got my unit to me a week early ready for a comp. Price was good too!" -- Robert

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New Products

Gin Gingo 3
All-round harness for leisure, sport and XC.

Gin Gingo 3 harness

Advance Hoody
A stylish, warm winter layer

Advance Hoody

Skywalk Softbag 2
Lighter than the previous version. Designed for pilots who prefer to detach their wing from their harness when packing.

Skywalk Softbag 2

Ozone Buzz Z5 (EN B)

The Buzz Z5 is certified and now available for order. Designed to perfectly meet the needs of the Buzz type pilot, the all new Buzz Z5 is a completely new design that keeps the re-assurance of its classic aspect ratio.

Ozone Buzz Z5 (EN B)

According to Ozone, it has the revolutionary sharknose technology, more cells, new arc and new tip shape - all designed to give ease and comfort whilst ensuring a nice step up in performance. Inflation is better, turn more progressive, sail has more cohesion and profile is more stable in rough air. There is a slightly higher top speed and better glide performance at all speeds.

Gin Paramotor Wings: Pegasus & Falcon

The Pegasus is the first pure GIN wing designed specifically for paramotoring, the result of a unique collaboration. A perfect choice for your first paramotor wing.

Gin Pegasus | perfect first paramotor wing

The Falcon is a state-of-the-art reflex paramotor wing for intermediate to advanced pilots. The wing is fast, stable, agile and fuel-efficient - ideal for fun flying, cross-country, bivouac and competition.

Gin Falcon | intermediate to advanced paramotor wing

Sup'Air Fluid (Square Reserve)
New generation square parachute with maximum security.

Sup'Air Fluid

Gin Yeti Cross (Square Reserve)
Stable descent with excellent sink rate and opening characteristics

Gin Yeti Cross

Gin Genie Lite 2
A light cocoon harness with all the essential features and no compromises in comfort.

Gin Genie Lite 2

More goodies!

Lots of new products have been added to the shop, browse the emporium below...
All New Products



Advance IMPRESS 3 (1 S, 1 M)
Retail: £1,169.00 Special: £949.00

Skywalk CHILI3 S (80-100kg) Lime
Retail: £2,599.00 Special: £1,999.00

Swing Connect Race XL (UK L)
Retail: £1,115.00 Special: £892.00

Digifly Air BT
Retail: £450.00 Special: £399.00

Aircotec XC-TrainerPro
Retail: £405.00 Special: £364.50

Gin Gingo Airlite L
Retail: £629.00 Special: £495.00

Gin Genie Lite M
Retail: £949.00 Special: £699.00 

Gin Genie Lite

Pick up other amazing things at special prices!

See all specials >



Second Hand

We have a wide range of second hand kit in stock, mostly from the excellent part-ex deals we offer for new equipment.

See our complete second hand range >

Some noteworthy products popped out...


Skyline Pure L
Standard harness. Good condition. £200

Sup'Air Evo XC3+ M
Deluxe standard harness. As new! £520

Sky Excite 3 Comp M
Top-of-range pod harness. VGC. £450


Swing Protect 3 Nano (max 80kg)
Round PDA for lightweights only £175

Sky Drive 26 (70-110kg)
Rogallo (steerable). VGC. £330

Gin Yeti Light Rescue 35 (max 100kg)
3 year old round PDA only £330


Brauniger AV Pilot
Simple Alti-Vario. Good condition. £80

Garmin GPSMAP 96C
Colour screen. Good condition. £100

Flymaster NAV
A full featured Altivario GPS at only £245


Skywalk MESCAL4 L (100-130kg) 5hrs
Top EN A. Excellent condition. £1500

Advance Epsilon 7 26 (75-95kg) 5hrs
Mid-range EN B. Excellent condition. £1800

Gin Sprint Evo M (90-110kg) Kimchi 65hrs
A responsive high EN B wing for £900

Advance SIGMA 9 27 (90-115kg) 10hrs
Lovely mid EN C. Nearly new. £1999

Niviuk Peak 3 23 (80-96kg) 80hrs
Record breaking easy D. Good condition. £800

Skywalk TONIC S 14 (56-91kg)
Tired of blown out days? Get some speed! EN C mini wing. Only 5 hours on this baby, at £900

Skywalk Tonic

See all second hand >


Bivi flying - the slow way

The adventures of the bumbling bivi pilot are complete! Watch the whole series ...

Alone in the ALPS


Product News


Syride have released new firmware for their SYS'Nav V3 and SYS'GPS ultralight all-in-one flight instruments, and upgraded SYS PC Tool software, to bring pilots some great new added features, as well as some bug fixes and improvements! Find out more >

Oudie 3 upgrade

Upgrade your Naviter Oudie 3 to Oudie 3+

The winter isn't the best time for flying, which makes it a good time to upgrade your Naviter Oudie 3. Benefit from a new screen with significantly improved visibility when viewed from an angle. Improved battery chemistry for low temperature endurance, and a battery charging light. There's also an optional Oudie Jacket (soft mount with hook and loop fastener) or Naviter Leg Strap. More info >

Kortel reserve handle safety notice

Karma II Krashbox Module and Kuik II pilots should check their own rescue handle: Take the rescue handle in one hand. With the second one, pull on each pins separately. If the rescue handle has the problem, the pin will slide into the rescue handle body. More info >

Kortel safety notice


Parting shots

Fly Like Chrigel
Slow TV at its best: a real-time (6 hour+) recording of the Maurer brothers doing XC in the Alps, with full English subtitles thanks to Bill Hetzel, the translators, and SRF-TV! Open the flight track too, it helps to place the scenes in context.

Come Fly With Me
Advance shows off the new Alpha 6

From Climbing To Paragliding
A well known professional climber explains who he is and how he felt when he started flying...

Hike like a Yeti, fly like a bird!
Gin inspire you to enjoy the beauty of Hike 'n fly with their new Yeti 4 video

Remy loves his Artik 4
Remy Dumas has two passions; his drive for perfection and his excitement.


^ Where will paragliding take you this year?


A year of uplifting possibilities

365 days: how many can you spend airborne?

We hope to be part of your flying success this year. We depend on word-of-mouth for our reputation, so if you feel we deserve a mention, send feedback about the service you've received and we'll add it to the growing testimonials.

Let's make this year a pinnacle
(and then fly off it...)

Carlo, Nancy, Simon & Greg

The Flybubble Paragliding Crew

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