Niviuk SKIN 2 (First Impressions)

We had our first Niviuk SKIN 2 in the other day and our first impressions are that, as to be expected, it is even more impressive than the original Skin. Incredibly – almost stupidly – easy to inflate and ground handle in light to moderate winds; great for launching from tricky places!

In stronger winds, the Skin 2 requires more management on the ground, due to its extremely low weight and great ease of inflation, and comes up quickly – but then, due its very low weight / inertia, and its amazing pitch stability, it’s actually very easy to control and stop from overflying.

Performance (sink rate, glide, speed) seemed extremely good for a single surface wing, at least as good as the original, and the nicely executed trims are a welcome addition. EN load tested in all sizes. Size 18 is EN B certified 70-90 kg.

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