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  1. New Paragliding Records Summer 2021

    New Paragliding Records Summer 2021

    Another summer (in the northern hemisphere), more paragliding firsts and records broken! Here's a look at a sample of incredible and inspirational flights by paraglider pilots from around the globe which caught our attention in Scotland, Finland, US, Pakistan and Spain.

  2. Flybubble Weather Update Summer 2021

    Flybubble Weather Update Summer 2021

    Despite the significant challenges we've faced since early 2020—keeping us extremely busy nonstop, taking care of business—we've managed to not only to keep Flybubble Weather up and running—no mean feat in itself—but also bring significant updates and functionality upgrades. Here's a summary of some of the main improvements users can enjoy.

  3. Safety Notice: Woody Valley GTO light XL

    Safety Notice: Woody Valley GTO light XL

    A Woody Valley GTO light size XL harness was found to have an emergency parachute retaining cable ‘pin’ that was too short. All GTO light XL owners should read this safety notice to find out if it affects them and any action to take. This does not affect the GTO light 2, which has a different design.

  4. Flybubble Walk Climb Fly vlogs with Rob Johnson

    Flybubble Walk Climb Fly vlogs with Rob Johnson

    We're excited to present our new miniseries of mini-adventure vlogs—Flybubble Walk Climb Fly—with mountaineering instructor, paraglider pilot and guest filmmaker Rob Johnson of Filmuphigh.

  5. Flying after a layoff

    Flying after a layoff

    All pilots know that, for the best and safest flying, currency is key. So what happens after a layoff? Experienced paraglider pilot Phil Clark shares some words of wisdom to help keep you on the right flight-track and get the most out of your flying.

  6. Vacancies at Flybubble

    Vacancies at Flybubble

    We are a small business with big ideas, fuelled by a great crew. Our current vacancies are listed on this page.

  7. Choose The Right Connectors

    Choose The Right Connectors

    With so many different connectors to attach your wing, reserve or speed system, it's important to choose the right one for both your particular flying and the usage. In this series of articles we'll examine connection methods, talk about their advantages and disadvantages, and help you choose the right connectors.

  8. Connecting the speed system

    Connecting the speed system

    When choosing a connector for the speed system to the wing via the harness, you’ll need to think about convenience, simplicity and security. 

  9. Connecting the wing

    Connecting the wing

    Connectors in this category come with a specific set of uses, which must be adhered to. For example, don't use karabiners designed for solo paraglider use for tandem paraglider use, like connecting the tandem wing risers to the spreaders.

  10. Why People Fly — a Flybubble film

    Why People Fly — a Flybubble film

    Have you ever wondered why people fly? Our new Flybubble film celebrates the joy of free flight and the wisdom of British philosopher Alan Watts.

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