Advance EASINESS 2 Review

The Advance Easiness 2 is a light reversible harness with no seatboard. It has an optional removable airbag with built-in reserve compartment.

Advertised as comfortable to fly and carry, it is aimed at hike-and-fly pilots exploring the remote high places of the world. Is it suitable for ordinary pilots as well?

Always up for a challenge, ED BEWLEY performs a thorough investigation on the lowest test site we could find, and takes it to places no other man would dare to go.

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Safety: Managing the Mayhem

Team pilot Ruth Churchill Dower recounts a high altitude incident in the Himalaya. A sudden updraught led to a stall and cascade. Despite having two reserve parachutes, Ruth lost 1000ft trying to fix the wing and landed in a tailslide on a precipitous ridgetop perch, luckily mostly unscathed. It makes a cracking story, and there's a good deal to learn about managing mayhem and your personal reserve deployment throwing height.

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Grab Bag For Adventurous Paragliders

Get ready for adventure with our quick guide to preparing your own grab bag! Paragliders can cover great distances and land in some unexpected locations. Even a gentle evening glide over your favourite forest can end in a surprise. Having some basic survival essentials in your bag can make a big difference. Team pilot Alistair Andrews outlines what should be in your back-country grab bag.

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UK Paragliding XC Season 2015: Spring

Paragliding United Kingdom (UK) cross country (XC) season report for Spring 2015.

Spring 2015 UK Paragliding XC

A couple of weeks later saw the first ‘100+’ day, on 10th March with Phil Wallbank scoring 112 points for a 43km FAI triangle flight from Llangollen in North Wales on his Ozone Mantra M6.

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UK Paragliding XC Season 2015: Summer & Autumn

Paragliding United Kingdom (UK) cross country (XC) season report for Summer and Autumn 2015.

Summer 2015 UK Paragliding XC

7th June turned out to be a record day for XC flying in the UK: 130 pilots logged XCs totalling 12,261 km. The biggest flights of the day were from Leckhampton in Gloucestershire, and The Lawley and Long Mountain in Shropshire.

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UK Paragliding XC Season 2015: Pilots’ Tales

Paraglider pilots’ tales from the United Kingdom (UK) cross country (XC) paragliding season 2015.

Pilots’ Tales (2015 UK PG XC)

Peggy Williams: “I had some really memorable flights during the year. Flying off Aonach Mor in Scotland and looking down on Ben Nevis from over 6000′ was a real moment.

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UK Paragliding XC Season 2015: Winners

Winning paraglider pilots from the United Kingdom (UK) paragliding cross country (XC) season 2015.

Paragliding XC League Winners 2015

Winners of the 2015 National Paragliding Cross Country League:

  • 1st overall: Carlo Borsattino, Niviuk Artik 4 (1424.7 points)

  • 2nd overall: Philip Wallbank, Ozone Mantra M6 (1416.7 points)

  • 3rd overall: Hugh Miller, Ozone Mantra M6 (1403.7

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UK Paragliding XC Season 2015 Summary

Flying cross country (XC) on a paraglider in the UK offers many challenges and unique experiences. In this article Flybubble's MD and Chief Flying Instructor, Carlo Borsattino summarises the action from the most successful UK paragliding XC season in history... so grab a cuppa and enjoy the lengthy report at your leisure! There's lots to learn from reviewing the days that worked well, and what pilots chose to do.

The Pilots' Tales section offers a unique perspective from some of the leading pilots in the UK. To make it easier to read we refer to the 2015 UK Paragliding XC League as 'the League' and have rounded all distances to the nearest kilometre.

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XC Secrets: Going First or Going Fast?

Getting the most out of a good XC day often comes down to a simple decision: do you leave the hill as soon as you can (and try to stay up all day) or do you wait till it's good and blaze a trail on speedbar to cover more ground during the strong part of the day?

Carlo Borsattino recounts his decisions and tactics on an epic flight from Selsely common, when his leading position on his Skywalk Cayenne 5 (EN C) was put to the test against the relentless racing of Mark Watts on his Ozone Enzo 2 (CCC).

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