Skywalk Range Air Ultralight Harness

The Skywalk lightweight pod harness RANGE AIR scores high marks for safety with EN/LTF certification, yet it has a tiny packing volume because it is entirely air-inflated. Tested by the world’s toughest adventurers during the X-Alps 2013, the 1,9 kg serial version is a must have for pilots who want to optimize their equipment in terms of weight and aerodynamics. It has a 'hammock style' single layer seat, designed to offer hours of relaxed flying. The aerodynamic rear section was optimized in the Daimler wind tunnel. It inflates via the small lateral scoops and helps smoothen the airflow behind the pilot to 'significantly reduce' the aerodynamic drag. Find out more >



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Kortel Kockpit Safe: A Klever Solution

When using a flight deck, there is a real risk of forgetting to fasten the legstraps. Several fatal accidents have happened despite modern harness systems that ensure at least one legstrap must be connected to be able to launch. The problem is that once a cockpit is in place, you lose visual contact with your straps and launching is possible without being attached.

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Gin Atlas X-Alps in production!

The Atlas X-Alps—the light version of the Atlas—is here. Aimed at intermediate pilots looking for a light and compact wing, the Atlas X-Alps is around 1kg lighter than the Atlas with improved flying characteristics all-round.

S, M and L sizes are in production and available now.

More details: Gin Atlas X-Alps


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A Glider Too Far

Since the very beginnings of our sport there has been a problem with people buying gliders that are not suitable for them.

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Syride SYS’One mini-vario review

Andrew Craig checks out a new departure in miniaturisation


It is indeed tiny; it would literally fit into a matchbox. Its dimensions are the same as those of a Renschler Solario, except that the Sys’One is much thinner.

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Naviter Oudie 3 review | SkyWings Magazine

SkyWings Magazine published a detailed review of the Naviter Oudie 3 written by highly experienced and knowledgeable paraglider and hang glider pilot, Steve Uzochukwu. First, Steve took a brand new unit out flying so he could test Naviter's claims that the "Oudie 3 is easy to use and works right out of the box". Then he spent a few weeks using it on his paraglider, and whilst microlighting, so he could get to know the Oudie 3 better and try out more of it's functionality. 

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Syride SYS’Nav (83g alti-vario-GPS)

The lightest complete navigation instrument on the market, the SYS'Nav contains some great features for competition and XC pilots.

A 2D map shows airspaces, waypoints, real-time-computed optimized route, and mountains around you to increase your safety. Areas that are between 0 and 300m heigh over your current altitude are shown in light grey, whereas areas that are over 300m heigh from your current altitude are shown in dark grey.

AGL airspace altitudes are handled thanks to topography support as well.

The really exceptional feature: it weighs 83 grams! Find out more >



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